Make a New Franchise Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Make 2022 the year you free yourself of the employer/employee mindset and resolve to become a small-business owner with a great franchise opportunity. You may not know this, but Island Fin Poke is built on a growing and lucrative franchising system. Every shop belongs to a franchisee operating within our business model for serving fresh and delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

We now have more than dozens of locations (and several on the way) in more than 10 states. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a business owner, you may be a terrific candidate to make the New Year’s resolution of starting a franchise business with us.

Great Reasons to Start a Franchise Business

More Managerial Autonomy

The beauty of running a franchise business is that you strike the virtuous means between being overly dependent on an employee paycheck versus running a business all alone as a sole proprietor. Franchisees are given lots of autonomy with business decisions insofar as they operate within the parameters of the franchisor’s business model. In our business, for example, we provide continuous training and assistance to franchise owners without standing on top of them or micro-managing.

Training & Guidance From a Solid Franchisor

Island Fin Poke dedicates a lot of time toward recruiting and training our franchisees because we know that’s what engenders good customer service and profitability. Our start-up fees are very competitive for the restaurant industry, and we always guarantee plenty of training both before and during your business launch.

Franchise Businesses Last Way Longer Than Traditional Small Businesses

If you find a GOOD franchise opportunity, your chances of success are very high. Data shows that from about half of franchise businesses, the turnover rate is less than 10%. That’s why it’s critical to identify the most viable franchise businesses in growing niche markets. The food prep business is a solid option since more than more than 70% of restaurants are franchised.

These are just a few things that should motivate you to consider entering a franchise agreement. Many franchisees start small and later become more like regional managers with influence over multiple locations. The possibilities are endless.

Island Fin Poke serves tasty dishes called Poke Bowls at our various stores, and we do so through the enthusiastic hard work of our many franchisees. Without the help and service of our amazing franchise owners, we wouldn’t be able to grow and expand nearly as much. Come find out why our restaurant business is so popular by visiting an Island Fin Poke location near you.

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