Join the Functional Food Trend by Opening a Poke Franchise

Nowadays, the latest trend among restaurant patrons is the demand for what some call “functional foods.” It’s a concept that takes eating to a level beyond basic food consumption. Today’s restaurant consumers insist on a dining experience that optimizes health, offers a chance to socialize, and reflects other modern values.

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The Benefits of Owning a Restaurant Franchise: Why It’s a Smart Investment

There’s never been a better time to own a franchise business, especially if you have a penchant for managing restaurants. It’s a smart investment to enter a franchise agreement rather than try to strike it out on your own as a sole proprietor nowadays. We’ll explain why by showing you the multitude of benefits of owning a restaurant franchise like Island Fin Poke.

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You Can Get Past the Fear of Buying a Franchise!

Are you still a little anxious over whether to start a franchise business?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs really want to do this but run into a few mental roadblocks that stifle everything. We want to show you a few ways you can eliminate the unnecessary fear of buying a franchise, and finally take that bold leap you’ve been pondering for a while.

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Discover Some of the Pros (and Mild Cons) of Owning a Franchise

One key to running a profitable franchise business is knowing the upsides and challenges you will inevitably face. We contend that owning a franchise business is a significant net positive for many budding entrepreneurs, but it’s not for everybody. Check out these pros and cons of franchise, which should help you decide whether you’re ready for this outstanding business challenge.

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The Importance of Good Customer Service

Nobody would dispute the common sense wisdom that good customer service helps profitability. Do you know why it’s so important? In this piece, we’d like to do a refresher on the reasons good customer service is a win-win for everyone.

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