EST. 2016

Island Fin Poke was established in 2016 by Mark and Paul. The duo had a dream to create a quick, casual restaurant that serves incredible Hawaiian-style poke, served in a cool-casual environment, transporting you from every day to a surf shack on the beach. From their homemade sauces, 25 toppings, and sustainably sourced fish, you will be tasting the flavors of the islands.

Mark & Paul met in 2004 at Bahama Breeze. Mark had just relocated his family to Orlando to be the General Manager of the I Drive location, and Paul was his bar manager.

From the time they met, they were more like brothers than friends. Days off, vacations, and days on the boat, their families grew close, and their kids grew up together. The boys talked and talked about starting their own restaurant.

Kids Enjoying Frozen Pops
Mark and Paul of Island Fin Poke

Mark relocated to Las Vegas in 2007, and the friends stayed in touch. They would go a couple of months without talking, but then when they did, it was as if no time passed, and they just picked up where they left off. Vacations still happened back to Orlando, and the pair continued to talk of starting their “own” thing.

Paul continued to work his job at Bahama Breeze and raised his family in Orlando, while Mark remained in Vegas.

Time passed, but one day, Mark got a text message from Paul in August of 2016 saying, "I quit my job." "WHAT??????," Mark replied. Mark had a cushy life, and all of a sudden, Paul had quit his 20-year job. What should we do?

At this point, Mark had five restaurants in Las Vegas and five restaurants in LA that he oversaw. Paul flew to LA and the boys spent three days eating--I know… I know its tough work, but someone had to do it!

Mark took Paul to all of his favorites and some he didn’t like. When the food fest was done, the road trip back to Vegas began. The friends talked all the way back to Vegas about what the concept had to have. They came up with three things: Incredible food, remarkable service and super easy to replicate.


It was a great drive and born out of the 4.5 hours was the Island Fin Poke Company!

Mark’s Las Vegas kitchen became ground zero of poke. Friends and family gathered to taste test sauces. The house was never short on visitors when there were poke tasting parties.

Over the course of the next few months, the creation of the house-made sauces was complete.

Fresh, delicious, and all gluten-free.

Give it a try and see for yourself, you will never eat a poke bowl from another restaurant……

Did you just say to yourself “Aw, come on, Treated like family?”
Come visit . . . then you tell us.