Island Fin Poke is Ready to Cater Your Holiday Events!

The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year for several reasons. One of them is the abundant opportunity for parties, family reunions, and large gatherings.

Did you know Island Fin Poke offers catering services?

Yes, and it’s a terrific way to bring something novel, fun, healthy, and delicious to your next big event. Check out this information about catering, and keep us in mind for your Christmas parties, end-of-year events, and even wedding receptions.

How to Use Island Fin Poke for Holiday Catering

We set up catering a few different ways, depending on how much you need for your guests. Poke consists of fresh and delicious ingredients like tuna, salmon, rice, pineapple, Og veggies, coconut crisps, and an array of other ingredients. Seriously, there are dozens of whole foods, seasonings, and sauces to select and enjoy.

These are the three catering packages we offer:

Poke Nui Loa
The Poke Nui Loa catering package will provide a satiating and savory meal for your entire party. This feeds as many as 20 patrons, with three bases, three fish selections, six toppings, and four sauces.

Poke Mo’ol elo
Poke Mo’ol elo is a slightly smaller version of the Poke Nui Loa, but it can still serve up to 15 to 20 guests. Here you would select two base ingredients, two fish items, four toppings, and four sauces.

Flying Fish
This is the best option if you’re after a simplified approach to Poke catering. It costs $20 per pre-made Poke Bowl and gives you the safest route if you aren’t sure what your friends, colleagues, and family like to eat. This is the most standardized way to order Poke.

Outstanding Catering at Most Island Fin Poke Locations

The catering system is available to patrons at almost all our Island Fin Poke locations. This is a wonderful meal solution for many events, including:

  • Holiday Parties
  • End-of-Year Business Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Recognition Ceremonies
  • . . . and anything else you can imagine for a fun get-together.

Island Fin Poke is becoming America’s best place to enjoy Hawaiian Poke in over a dozen states from coast to coast. We can’t wait to cater your next party. Contact us anytime to learn more about the Island Fin Poke business and any of our services.

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