The owners of Island Fin Poke The Villages are two couples, Ed & Maryellen Tobin and Frank & Jodi Michienzi. Ed & Maryellen Tobin are from Rhode Island. Frank Michienzi is from Massachusetts & Jodi Michienzi is from Rhode Island.

Maryellen and Jodi grew up together and remain the best of friends to this day. Over the years Frank and Ed have also become friends and shared similar interests and even partnered on a rental property in the villages. Ed got COVID for the second time in January 2021 and it turned into the "Post COVID Syndrome", "Foggy Head & Fatigue" or "Covid Long Hauler". Ed was not capable of continuing to work from this situation.

Months later Frank brought up the idea of maybe partnering on an ownership share of a business. After a couple of months of research and vetting many suitable options, they kept coming back to the Island Fin Poke Brand. Island Fin Poke is a simple concept, straightforward process, and after a deep dive into their structure and support team. Frank and Ed decided it would be a good option that they could balance their work and home lives together.

The idea of bringing a different type of restaurant to the Villages has been received very well. People keep asking us when we will be opening. They want to be first in line. Thanks to the wives for agreeing to the concept and backing our dreams, we will be opening in the fall of 2021.


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