Poke is Much More than Tradition

In recent years, the poke bowl has skyrocketed in popularity and has single-handedly changed how people conceptualize fast food. So much so that Island Fin Poke has done away with the term altogether, calling our brand of nutritious and delicious offering “fast casual.” Poke is much more than a traditional staple of the Hawaiian islands that’s found a place on the mainland; it’s a way to implement changes in your life and achieve the quality of life that so many desire but have trouble attaining. 
st. petersburg poke restaurant

Say “Hello” to “On the Go” 

Americans tend to live their lives on the go. This isn’t by accident; it’s our nature to have a full schedule and keep busy. As a result, grabbing the necessary sustenance and nutrition to propel our body forward isn’t always easy. Being on the go means that grabbing lunch requires an effort that takes minimal time. As a result, many of us have resorted to greasy and fattening fast food that, despite its convenience, contains large amounts of sodium, fat, and preservatives that our body has no use for. 

Meanwhile, the poke bowl offers an alternative with more of what we need and less of what we don’t. Offering up a combination of rice, protein, gluten-free sauces, and mix-ins that add to the flavor and not the fat, fast casual is here to cut out the junk food that so many of us are guilty of indulging in. 

Health Benefits for a Life on the Go 

Two of the most common ingredients in the poke bowl are fish. Salmon and tuna, in particular, have high concentrations of protein and very little content in the way of fat. Besides protein, many fish contain fatty acids known as Omega-3. These are essential for the promotion of a healthy heart. So much so that even the American Heart Association recommends that adults get two to three servings of fish a week as part of their regular diet. 

No matter your dietary preference, you can rest assured there’s a poke bowl just for you. More customizable than pizza and fewer calories than a double cheeseburger from Mcdonald’s, there’s no limit to crafting the ideal meal for your life on the go. 

Your New Life Begins at Island Fin Poke 

For the person who lives on the go and wishes to indulge in a treat that’s just as tasty as it is delicious, Island Fin Poke is the ideal location for you. You’ll be ditching the burgers and fires in no time, serving fresh ingredients daily, and putting extra care into everything we do. For a menu, ingredients, and a nutritional calculator to show complete transparency with what we serve, hula over to