Poke & Diabetics

Are you looking for diabetic-friendly options when you go out to eat? Then look no further than Island Fin Poke! We boast a large menu with an array of ingredients that satisfy any diet, including for those who need to monitor insulin levels.
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Poke & Diabetics

So, by now, you’ve probably heard of Poke, the Hawaiian seafood cuisine that centers around things like tuna, salmon, and various seasonings. You might be wondering if it’s appropriate for individuals with diabetic conditions.

The answer is “YES,” provided you pay close attention to seasoning and sauces. While we can always vouch for the freshness and tastiness of everything on our menu, there are a few items that diabetics should avoid. Luckily, that isn’t too many.

Best Poke Ingredients for Diabetics

The center-piece ingredient for Poke is usually fish, although it can also be chicken or tofu. Seafood is an excellent option for diabetics when you consider the rich volume of Omega-3 fatty acids, which greatly aid blood circulation. Not only does that improve blood pressure, but it’s also an opportunity to boost your good cholesterol (HDLs), and minimize harmful triglycerides.

Also, Poke is a great alternative to most foods that comprise the Standard American Diet (SAD), and are known to carry high amounts of added sugar and trans-fats. Island Fin Poke is a great dietary consolation for all those lamenting the sad state of American food.

Of course, we serve more than just fish in our Poke Bowls. There are numerous other heart-healthy veggies that go great in any diet, including seaweed salad, edamame,  and spring mix.

Be Careful With These Items

You might want to be cautious with the rice options. In general, brown rice is better than white rice for Type 2 Diabetes, but you may want to forego both in favor of spring mix.

We also recommend skipping sesame seed oil, teriyaki sauce, straight soy sauce, or anything else high in sodium. If you want to know exactly what’s in your food, check out this useful nutritional calculator.

Don’t hesitate to talk to our staff and ask for us to go light on a particular sauce or seasoning. We always understand.

Island Fin Poke in St. Petersburg is a terrific place to get heart-healthy food that tastes excellent and supports insulin monitoring. Of course, when in doubt, you should always consult your physician for dietary guidance. If you have any questions about our menu or want to take advantage of catering, call us at 727-565-0348.