Don’t Skip on the Dole Soft Serve in St. Pete

Enjoy a taste of the tropics by ordering poke and feel like you’re truly in paradise! Hawaiian-inspired food is gaining great popularity and there is a smart reason why. Your unique blend of scrumptious ingredients will not only make you feel good but will also be good for you. Island Fin Poke serves deliciously healthy poke bowls and a particular treat that is out of this world called Dole soft serve. 
st. petersburg dole soft serve
The poke that we prepare always consists of fresh ingredients and each bowl is built individually depending upon a customer’s preferences. You and only you get to decide exactly what goes into your poke bowl. Since there are tons of options, even the most finicky of patrons can undoubtedly be satisfied. We offer a wide variety of proteins, vegetables, marinating sauces, toppings, and finishing sauces. 

Another awesome feature about our poke is that although healthy by nature, you have the freedom to lessen the amount of fat and calories in your bowl even more by selecting only the very healthiest of ingredients that we carry, including the sauces. At Island Fin Poke, you do not have to sacrifice a fabulous meal for watching your diet. Your personalized poke bowl is certain to tickle your taste buds with all the wonderful flavors it provides no matter what you choose to include within.

Make sure you don’t skip on the Dole soft serve! This dessert is the perfect complement to conclude your dining experience before saying aloha. Soft serve differs from ice cream and gelato as its texture is softer and less dense with a lower amount of fat and more air than its dessert rivals. This makes soft serve a healthier option as it falls somewhere in between ice cream and frozen yogurt. You can savor a smooth, refreshing Dole soft serve without the guilt of totally undoing all the benefits of the healthy poke bowl you just enjoyed.

We are extremely proud of the top-notch food that we supply to our patrons and have earned repeat clientele as a result of our fresh and delectable Hawaiian-style cuisine. Island Fin Poke is proof that fast food does not have to be heavy and unfavorable to your health. We are conveniently situated at 210 37th Avenue North in St. Petersburg, Florida, and may be reached by calling (727) 565-0348. Kindly stop by and see all that we offer customers in terms of our abundant selection of premium ingredients, reasonable prices, and terrific service. Thank you for your interest in Island Fin Poke.