Difference Between Poke & Sushi

Did you know that it’s estimated that 25 percent of Japanese people eat sushi and that many people from western countries are opting to try this delectable dish? Additionally, were you aware that poke bowls are becoming an incredibly popular meal choice for those who want to eat a tasty and nutritional meal that will fill them up at mealtimes? 

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You have likely heard about poke and sushi, but you might not know the difference between these two different yet similar nutritious dishes. In recent years there has been hype surrounding these two meal choices, so we thought it an excellent idea to get into the nitty-gritty of how they are different from one another. 

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What Is A Poke Bowl?

The poke bowl is originally a Hawaiian dish. Interestingly, not many people know that this dish is rumored to have begun when fishermen would season their cut-offs from their daily catch to eat as a snack while out on the water. 

Often, this meal comprises raw salmon or tofu that is diced and served on a bowl of rice with various flavorings and seasonings that can include soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, and sesame seeds. 

Additionally, there have been many variations of the traditional poke bowl in recent years. You can now purchase these meals with chicken, tuna, or even beef, and many have corn, soybeans, tomatoes, and avocado. 

Yet, a truly traditional Hawaiian poke bowl will include seaweed, inamona, roasted kukui nut, and Hawaiian salt. The meat used in this traditional dish is usually octopus, shrimp, or similar kinds of seafood. 

What Is Sushi?

Unlike a poke, bowl sushi is not served in a bowl and usually comes rolled into small squares with a combination of different ingredients, with the main ingredient often being rice. There are hundreds of different types of sushi rolls made with different vegetables and meats, including avocado, tuna, crab, prawns, cucumber, cream cheese, and salmon. 

Poke bowls are Hawaiian, while sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that refers to how the dish is prepared. Some of the more popular sushi rolls include nigiri, maki, California rolls, dragon rolls, and California roses. 

When these meals are consumed, they are usually eaten with soy sauce for dipping, ginger to cleanse the palette, and wasabi to add a flavorsome sting. 

Interestingly, with how popular sushi has become, the western world has begun to add its unique take to this traditional dish. They have added meats like chicken and steak and certain tropical fruits and vegan options to their sushi rolls. 

What Is The Actual Difference Between A Poke Bowl And Sushi?

Now that we know what a poke bowl is and what sushi is, we can identify the key differences between these two meal choices. 

Essentially a poke bowl is a Hawaiian dish, while sushi is a Japanese dish. Additionally, poke is served in a bowl with multiple ingredients and immense variety, while sushi is served as rolls and often doesn’t have as many flavor options as a poke bowl.  

Now you’re aware of the actual differences between a poke bowl and sushi. Ultimately which dish you will prefer will depend on your tastes and preferences. If you would like to try a poke bowl, you might want to consider visiting Island Fin Poke in Saint Petersburg. 

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