Benefits of Ordering Takeout

By Island Fin Poke | September 12, 2022

Takeout meals can be a real lifesaver when you’re busy with work, school, chasing after children, or addressing a crisis. Last time, we mentioned our reasons why you shouldn’t skip lunch. Fortunately, you never need to when there’s a fast, healthy way to get a splendid meal at Island Fin Poke. You Can Take It … Read more

Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Lunch

By Island Fin Poke | August 26, 2022

It’s not the best idea to skip lunch all the time. Sure, there’s the occasional emergency that prevents you from eating or maybe you want to lose weight with a fasting program. However, you miss out on nutritional value and risk ruining your mood and wellbeing.

The Poke Bowl is Perfect for Kids Going Back to School

By Island Fin Poke | August 12, 2022

Back-to-school season has arrived! The school year brings plenty of stress with homework, extra-curricular activities, and everything else that can and will occur throughout the course of the school year. Eating right should be stress-free and enjoyable. And thanks to Island Fin Poke, things just got easier!

What Makes Rice So Healthy?

By Island Fin Poke | July 26, 2022

Because rice is one of the primary ingredients of the poke bowl, it’s no surprise that it contains a variety of benefits that can enrich your healthy lifestyle. At Island Fin Poke, we would never put anything in our poke bowls that weren’t fresh and healthy. If you’ve ever thought about the various health benefits … Read more

Promoting a Healthy Diet with a Poke Bowl

By Island Fin Poke | July 15, 2022

Let’s be honest with ourselves for just a moment—eating healthy and making choices that benefit our well-being are easier said than done. At Island Fin Poke, we understand. Life is fast, unpredictable, and can come at you with an intensity that can throw you off your focus at a moment’s notice. But that’s just it—life … Read more

Island Fin Poke Sarasota is Ready for Your First Date Night

By Island Fin Poke | June 27, 2022

In a very short time, the poke bowl has revolutionized the way we think of fast food. Instead of greasy and fattening food that leaves a lot to be desired, the poke bowl is full of fresh ingredients that you just can’t say no to. Served up by the artisans at Island Fin Poke in … Read more

Celebrate National Take Back the Lunch Break Day at Island Fin Poke

By Island Fin Poke | June 13, 2022

While it sometimes doesn’t get discussed all that often, one of the biggest obstacles that come with adulthood is staying fueled throughout the day and on task during the many peaks and valleys that make up the work week. While there’s never a bad time to come down to Island Fin Poke and get refueled … Read more

Discovering the Wonderful World of Omega-3

By Island Fin Poke | May 26, 2022

If you’ve ever come by Island Fin Poke for one of our award-winning poke bowls, you may have noticed the wide variety of protein offerings we have available for your bowl. Tuna and salmon in particular are two of the most popular that we serve, and both have high concentrations of Omega-3. This is a … Read more

Have Your Next Date Night at Island Fin Poke

By Island Fin Poke | May 16, 2022

Is mental fog making it hard to come up with a good date idea for you and your love interest? Then consider bringing your special someone with you to Island Fin Poke in Sarasotaa for a fun, healthy, and novel dining experience. Seafood not only clears away that awful mind fog but eating with us … Read more

The Mental Benefits of Eating Healthy at Island Fin Poke

By Island Fin Poke | April 21, 2022

It seems that people just can’t stop talking about the poke bowl. The Hawaiian staple has made quite a sizable impact ever since it hit the mainland. At Island Fin Poke, we’re no strangers when it comes to extolling the virtues of this dish which has single-handedly changed the way that millions are looking at … Read more