Island Fin Poke is a Great Choice for Diabetics

For the millions of Americans who suffer from diabetes, counting calories and keeping a close eye on what they choose to eat is all-encompassing. For those who aren’t aware of the proper definition of diabetes, allow us to take a brief look at the chronic condition. Every human being needs to eat to fuel their bodies and function. When the normal human body consumes food, the digestive system breaks down what’s eaten and turns it into glucose. A chemical called insulin controls the amount of glucose that’s made during this process, which in turn turns food into energy. A person afflicted with diabetes cannot produce insulin normally and has to take insulin separately. They also have to adhere to a strict diet of healthy food. 
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The Poke Bowl & its Benefits for Diabetics 

If you’ve ever stepped into Island Fin Poke, then you’re quite familiar with the concept of the poke bowl. The healthy alternative to fast food has gained notoriety as a meal prepared just as quickly as anything from a burger joint and has the fresh ingredients and proteins that our bodies need to sustain themselves. 

For diabetics who have to examine everything they eat closely, the poke bowl has a considerable amount of benefits and will be a welcome addition to your diet. Fish, which serves as the most common ingredient in the poke bowl, contains little fat and large amounts of protein. Many medical experts who treat patients with diabetes often advise the regular consumption of fish as it contains omega-3s, which promote heart health. 

Aside from fish (which can be substituted at Island Fin Poke for either chicken, spam, or tofu), other ingredients are very beneficial for diabetics to consume. Rice is the other primary ingredient in the poke bowl, but we must address a few facts for those of our customers who are diabetic. Despite white rice’s popularity, too much consumption of the staple has been linked to cases of type 2 diabetes. For this reason, we recommend either brown rice or our vegetable spring mix. 

Ingredient Transparency at Island Fin Poke 

One of the things that Island Fin Poke prides itself on is the complete transparency we practice with our ingredients. Visiting our website will grant you access to a list of them and a nutritional calculator. This will allow you to get a complete breakdown of which ingredients have the attributes you need and which ones you shouldn’t have. To access these features and much more, pay us a visit at