Island Fin Poke Arrives in Panama City Beach, Ohana!

Panama City Beach has long been referred to as a tropical paradise. An abundance of breathtaking scenery and sandy beaches have long been a haven for tourists who wish to relax and enjoy the sand, sun, and serenity. While the tourists flock to beaches, you can flock to the tastier side of nutrition because Island Fin Poke is opening up its own tropical paradise in Panama City Beach! 
hawaiian food near upper grand lagoon


Here’s a brief linguistic lesson: “Ohana ” is Hawaiian for family, and that’s the driving idea behind Island Fin Poke’s tireless dedication to providing the best combination of taste and nutrition–the poke bowl! The term “poke” translates to “cut across” and refers to the fish that serves as the dish’s primary source of protein. The second part of our linguistics lesson is commonly known and that’s the word “Aloha.” Meaning both “hello” and “goodbye,” it might be time to use this phrase to phase out the burgers and fries and enjoy all of the health benefits of the poke bowl. 

Say “Aloha” to the New Proprietors of Island Fin Poke!

The Panama City Beach location of Island Fin Poke is staffed by the team of Kurt and Eve Fadden. The couple’s goal was to bring a healthy alternative to the Panama City Beach Area. The Fadden’s believe in a ‘hands-on’ approach to service, and they’ll be involved with the newest Island Fin Poke location every step of the way. The Fadden’s also believe in providing the very best service and having a warm, inviting location, and promoting the healthy lifestyle that the poke bowl is known for. This is a team that not only believes in the Ohana but strives to exemplify the term in every possible way. 

An Alternative and a Better Life 

Since it hit the mainland by way of Hawaii, the poke bowl has single-handedly changed how people conceptualize fast food. Customizable like pizza and prepared just as quickly as a cheeseburger with half the fat, the poke bowl provides nutrition to a nation that’s always on the go and constantly needs refueling. Island Fin Poke takes pride in providing the very best to our customers, which is why our ingredients are not just healthy, but always fresh to give you that pick-me-up that your body craves. 

Island Fin Poke in Panama City Beach 

The Fadden’s welcome you to the newest member of the Island Fin Poke ohana. For a menu, directions, and more tasty tidbits of information like the one you’ve just read, hula on to