Choose Island Fin Poke for Your Next Date Night

The Eternal Question…

For millions of couples, date night is the highlight of their week. It’s a chance to put responsibilities and worries aside for a few hours and strengthen the bonds of your relationship and improve the communication that exists between the both of you. Of course, date night is usually accompanied by the eternal question that every couple faces from time to time, “Where do you want to eat?” This is sometimes harder to answer than normal. However, may we suggest Island Fin Poke? Bring some nutrition into date night with a poke bowl in a warm and welcoming environment. 
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What IS the Poke Bowl?

Coming to us by way of Hawaii, the poke bowl is a combination of rice, protein (most of the time fish, but substitutions can be utilized at any one of our locations), veggies, and savory sauces to deliver the perfect mix of convenience, taste, and nutrition. The poke bowl has shifted the entire paradigm regarding the healthy benefits of fast food. Instead of greasy and fattening food that leaves a lot to be desired, the poke bowl is full of fresh ingredients that you just can’t say no to. Served up by the artisans at Island Fin Poke in the same amount of time that it takes a burger joint to slap their processed foodstuffs together, it’s a convenient way to stay healthy. It’s the perfect addition to a date night that you’ve been waiting for. 

Island Fin Poke is a Practical Location

Movie theaters and coffee shops tend to be noisy locations that hinder conversation more than they assist it. Island Fin Poke offers a quiet location where the two of you can have a quiet meal two and catch up on the events of your week. Even if you decide to have a quiet night in, picking up a pair of poke bowls to go can be a wonderful way to dedicate one week a night to eating healthier and making better choices that enhance your quality of life. Besides, with the selection of fresh ingredients that Island Fin Poke offers, you don’t have to worry about talking with greasy pizza on your breath.

Island Fin Poke in Panama City Beach 

Panama City just got a whole lot healthier thanks to the offerings of Island Fin Poke. For a comprehensive list of our ingredients, a menu, and our hours of operation, pay us a visit at