Celebrate National Nutrition Month at Island Fin Poke

Nutrition is emoting that we all need to pay attention to, but with our busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyle, adhering to our body’s needs isn’t always easy. And sometimes, it feels impossible. As a result, we sometimes opt for the easy way out with fast food that’s loaded with calories, preservatives, and fats that our body certainly doesn’t benefit from. With April being National Nutrition Month, it’s the perfect time to make a change for the better. And partaking in a poke bowl is the perfect way to start. 
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What is the Poke Bowl? 

Arriving on the mainland by way of Hawaii, the poke bowl is a delicacy long utilized by Hawaiian fishermen. Combining rice, vegetables, and fish, the meal is quick, convenient, and has all of the nutrients that our bodies need and a whole lot less of what they don’t. And if you’re looking to implement some new healthy habits in your diet, the perfect poke bowl location can be found at Island Fin Poke! 

What Makes the Poke Bowl Healthy? 

With its award-winning combination of taste and nutrition, the poke bowl has gained a widespread reputation as the healthy alternative to fast food that many have been craving for several years. It all starts with the rice. A dietary staple consumed the world over, rice has minimal calories and is gluten-free. Next comes the protein. The traditional choice is either salmon or tuna, both of which are rich in protein and low in fat. Both of these fish species are essential for the promotion of a healthy heart, and two servings a week are even recommended for adults. The poke bowl also comes loaded with vegetables and mix-ins that really bring out the taste, as well as an abundant supply of antioxidants. Topping it all off is the soy sauce, which packs a powerful taste and is also gluten-free. 

At Island Fin Poke, we only use the freshest ingredients that are of the finest quality because we take immense pride in the work we do. If you’re ready to join the ranks of the millions who have been responsible for shifting the paradigm of fast food, then stop by, you’ll be glad you did. 

Island Fin Poke at Panama City Beach 

Panama City has always been known for its attractive bodies and active lifestyles. At Island Fin Poke, we can serve up the perfect poke bowl that can accommodate both. For a menu and more, visit us at