Catering Made Easy at Island Fin Poke

If you’ve been paying close attention to the changing trends in health and nutrition, chances are you’ve heard about the poke bowl. This dish that comes to us by way of Hawaii has shifted the fast-food paradigm. So much so that at Island Fin Poke, we like to refer to it as ‘fast casual.’ If you’re planning an office party or any event where you’ll have hungry guests, we have excellent news–we cater! Want to be the hero of your next event? Consider catering to satisfy the appetites of those on your guest list. 
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Less Stress

Planning an event can be one of the most stress-inducing activities there is. With the fresh ingredients and savory sauces from Island Fin Poke, we can take care of the food, leaving you to concentrate on more important issues–like which music to play. 

Kicking up the Party 

Unlike other catering companies and fast-food options, catering from Island Fin Poke is composed of fresh ingredients that are delicious and nutritious. Other places prepare their items and store them for lengthy amounts of time, leaving them not as fresh as our poke bowls. Freshness is key. Foods that have been sitting for a lengthy period of time have the possibility of becoming spoiled or losing their taste due to their lack of freshness. 

Variety, Thy Name is Poke 

One of the poke bowl’s biggest advantages is its customizable options. With more ingredients than the typical pizza place, poke bowls can offer you and your guests an endless variety of combinations that will keep them coming back for more. At Island Fin Poke, we have a wide range of mix-ins, vegetables, and proteins to spice up any party in a matter of seconds. 

Saving Time by Taking Advantage of Convenience 

Aside from a catering service alleviating the stress normally associated with planning an event, you’re also salvaging a lot of time to ensure you have everything else for your event properly set up and ready to go. The catering services at Island Fin Poke offer both our artisans as well as pre-made poke bowls. What’s more, all our packages are designed to serve a select number of people so that you can adjust your order to your guest list accordingly. 

Better Eating at Island Fin Poke 

At Island Fin Poke, we combine expert service, fresh ingredients, and a keen eye for nutrition to give you the best poke experience. For a menu, nutrition facts, catering, and more visit us at