Building Vegan and Vegetarian Delights at Island Fin Poke

One of the most delightful paradigm shifts in the food industry comes in the form of the poke bowl. The dish which comes to us by way of Hawaii has taken the convenience that’s commonly associated with fast food and the healthy attributes that are normally conspicuous by their absence. Typically consisting of raw fish, rice, and a variety of vegetables, the poke bowl is nutrition on the go that our bodies need. For those who subscribe to a vegan or vegetarian diet, you might be wondering if there’s a poke bowl that agrees with your dietary regimen. The answer to this question is yes! The poke bowl can be outfitted and customized to adhere to your specifications, be they vegan, pescatarian, or vegetarian. 
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Building a Vegetarian or Vegan Poke Bowl 

At Island Fin Poke, you’ll notice that we carry an abundance of ingredients. The poke bowl is easily the most customizable dish to emerge since the pizza. While the combinations are several, we thought we’d walk through the process of building one that’s vegan or vegetarian so you could indulge in the healthiest way possible.

The poke bowl begins with a base, with white rice being the most comply ordered item. One of the most popular options is our veggie spring mix, though many health-conscious eaters also like brown rice. We also offer quinoa, all of which are gluten-free. The next phase in the building process is selecting a protein. Fish is the traditional offering in the poke bowl, but we’ll gladly substitute it with some delicious tofu. 

We also offer up vegan and vegetarian-friendly mix-ins that will complement the tofu extremely well. Edamame, Jalapeños, and our OG veggie mix will all be excellent choices. Speaking of the tofu, it’s time to marinate it in one of our sauces. OG sauce is perfect to compliment the vegetables and tofu with a great combination of sweetness and heat. For the adventurous, our Island Fin Fire can equip your poke bowl with a bold and blazing kick. If you’re also abstaining from gluten, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our sauces are gluten-free, not to mention delicious!  If you’re looking to maximize spice, why not try chili flakes, wasabi peas, and spicy pickled veggies? Looking for a cool and crispy option? Cucumber, pineapple, and top it off with some creamy avocado. 

Better Living at Island Fin Poke 

No matter what your dietary needs or tastes might be, there’s a poke bowl waiting for you at Island Fin Poke. For a menu, ingredients, and much more, pay us a visit at