Do You Fancy a Poke? (Bowl, That Is.)

Choosing what you want to eat can be difficult. Making the right choice seems to be even harder now that technology affords us the luxury of having any entrée delivered right to our doorstep. Just as challenging is finding a meal that combines great taste with wholesome nutrition. Luckily, a culinary dish from Hawaii seems to join these two variables together with great success. It’s called the Poke Bowl—and it just might be your new favorite mealtime pleasure.

While the work ‘poke’ normally has an association with accusing someone or attempting to gain attention, this is a completely different terminology. In Hawaiian, the word ‘poke’ translates to ‘cut’, as in the sliced fish that serve as the primary ingredient for this tropical delight. Much like its Japanese counterpart, Sushi, the fish in a Poke Bowl is served raw—which means the protein will be of the highest quality and handled with exquisite care.

Poke Bowl in Las Vegas

Because one cannot dine on fish alone, there are three other key ingredients that make a Poke Bowl. While the fish is the savory protein, the rice is the foundation on which the taste is built upon. Rice has long been a staple of many Asian and Island cultures, and its necessity for the right Poke Bowl is essential. The fish is scattered over the rice, which helps create the unique texture that the bowl is known for.

So far, we’ve got rice and fish. We’re half way to our delicious destination. What comes next? Well, what’s a healthy dish without a bit of flavor? The seasonings of a Poke Bowl can vary depending on personal taste. Seaweed, cilantro, garlic, and even cayenne pepper are for those who are feeling adventurous. Naturally, soy sauce and rice have always proved to be a winning combination. No matter what you fancy, the right seasoning can make your Poke Bowl an experience and not just a meal.

At last, we’re in the home stretch. Much like the fourth member of a barber shop quartet, the toppings of the Poke Bowl are here to provide that perfect harmony with the other three ingredients. While toppings can be used to bring style as an eye-catching garnish, they can also accent the spice with the seasoning, giving your Poke Bowl that extra kick. For lovers of spicy food, kimchi, crushed red pepper, and wasabi will certainly do the trick. If you want to stay off the wild side, avocados, onions, and even diced vegetables can be a welcome addition.

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