Tips for a Healthy College Lifestyle

It’s time to head back to college again. What an exciting, exhilarating, and perhaps intimidating time for many young men and women.

One thing is for sure, if you’re just beginning your college career, you’ll want to learn a few tips to help avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15.” Island Fin Poke has a few suggestions.

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Get Plenty of Consistent Sleep

Sleep is a big thing for college students. It makes a vast difference in academic performance and overall health. We can’t set a precise sleep recommendation, since it varies by individual, but almost everybody needs at least six hours each night. Yes, you should sleep at night, too. Humans are diurnal, so it’s critical to reign in the “all-nighters” and set a consistent nightly sleep schedule.

Don’t Overdo The Coffee

Some new college students fall into the trap of supplanting sleep with extra coffee. This can be a major problem if you develop adrenal fatigue. Most nutritionists recommend limiting coffee to about two or three cups a day. Mind you, caffeine is present in several drinks and foods, so you’ll want to take that into account as well.

Exercise Frequently

Aside from poor diet, the fastest way to gain weight in college is to abandon your workout routine. Take advantage of your college’s large gym facilities if they have them. If not, there are other ways to avoid becoming sedentary . . .

Get Some Fresh Air

Get your exercise with a nice walk, run, or hike outdoors. Florida is a terrific place to do this since it’s nice outside all year. This is your safest and most effective way to blow off steam without resorting to comfort eating or other bad habits.

Visit Island Fin Poke for Better Food

Whatever you do, don’t confine your entire diet to college cafeteria food. If you and your friends want to try something new, exotic, and healthy, then you have to check out Hawaiian poke. It’s kind of the Hawaiian version of a sushi restaurant but even better. We have tons of fresh ingredients like salmon, tuna, pineapple, edamame, ponzu, macadamia nuts, avocado, and a bunch more. Plus, if you want to get food even faster, you can order online, grab takeout, and head back to studying in your dorm.

We hope you found these healthy tips useful. Whether you’re heading back to The University of Florida, Florida State, University of Central Florida, or any of the other terrific colleges nearby, you’re welcome to visit us for great seafood at Island Fin Poke. We can’t wait to see you. Feel free to contact us with any menu questions at 407-313-2827.