The Benefits of Eating Raw Fish

Raw fish is revered as a delicacy around the globe as it is packed with nutritional value that is extremely beneficial to the human body. Adding raw fish to your diet will boost your intake of vitamins and minerals, help maintain cardiovascular health, and assist you in accomplishing any needed weight loss. Island Fin Poke whips up custom combinations containing fresh fish, mix-ins, toppings, and sauces according to the patron’s specific request. We are thrilled to explain the benefits of consuming raw fish as a regular part of your diet below.

Poke Bowl

Healthy Heart

Raw fish is relatively low in fat so it is a magnificent source of protein that makes your heart happy. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, especially salmon and tuna, are crucial in maintaining a robust cardiovascular system.

Curtail the Chemicals

Eating fresh fish allows you to cut out chemicals and preservatives that are present in processed foods. The potential health problems linked to ingesting these artificial additives include respiratory and digestive ailments as well as causing allergic reactions.

Weight Loss Wonder

Raw fish is low in calories, bursting with flavor, and quite filling; therefore, it is a fantastic option for people who need to shed weight in order to attain healthier lifestyles.

Notably Nutritious

The number of vitamins and minerals that raw fish contributes to your body needed to function effectively is incredible. Vitamin A is full of powerful antioxidants, vitamin D supports strong bones and teeth, iodine assists thyroid function, and selenium increases immunity.

Island Fin Poke serves delectable and healthy poke bowls that feature fresh fish and vegetables. With an enormous variety of ingredients to choose from, there is surely a perfect blend that can satisfy each and every person. We are located at 7004 Tavistock Lakes Blvd #148 in Orlando. Your menu order is able to be placed through our website or by calling us at (407) 313-2827. Excellence in customer service is our highest priority!