Poke…the Legend!

One of the most interesting aspects of culture in the United States is that the sphere of influence is without boundaries or definition. As a country that’s home to people who encompass several different nationalities and unique backgrounds, our identity is forged through the customs and traditions that have found their way over to us from across the globe. Among the items in this influx of culture are several cuisines and culinary delights. Aside from their incredible taste, many of these items have unique stories and mythologies tied to them that make them take on a whole new level of fascination.

Poke Bowl

One of the most popular of these items is the poke bowl. This dietary staple of the Hawaiian Islands has achieved a rapid rise in popularity over the past decade, ever since the craze hit the mainland in 2012. The exact and specific origins of the dish are unknown, though it’s believed that they’ve existed for centuries under a different name. Poke, which means “to cut across” in Hawaiian, refers to the raw fish that serves as the bowl’s main source of protein. The ingredients that are typically served alongside the sliced fish are seaweed, rice, as well as an array of various vegetables and sauces.

While the term for the dish used by the ancient Hawaiians has been lost to history, its modern equivalent, poke, has been the term used to describe the dish since the 1960s. It was around this time period that the dish began appearing in cookbooks and various marketplaces, and was very popular among fishermen. Some have described poke as the Hawaiian interpretation of the Japanese dish, Sashimi, and others have noted the similarities with the Peruvian dish Ceviche.

Why the sudden rise in popularity? Well, Americans enjoy their fast food…maybe a little bit too much. Typically made up of unhealthy fats and preservatives, their main advantage has been one of convenience. The poke bowl can be prepared in the same amount of time, sometimes less, and is composed of fresh ingredients that are necessary for the human body to function properly. For example, the poke bowl is synonymous with fish, which the American Heart Association recommends as a deterrent to heart disease. Poke bowls offer the same level of convenience of greasy pizza and burgers while being a healthy alternative to both.

The Legend Continues at Island Fin Poke

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