Poke Bowls: A Trend in Dining You Won’t Want to Pass Up

The poke bowl is the cornerstone of our fast-casual dining business for a reason. People can’t get enough of this unstoppable Hawaiian dining trend. Everywhere you go, there’s a new Poke restaurant opening as Island Fin Poke expands all across the country. Let’s have another look at what we mean by poke bowl, and why it’s such a hot item for foodies everywhere.

What is Poke?

The word “Poke” is a Hawaiian term for “cut into pieces/chunks.” That’s what the first Poke chefs, Hawaiian fishermen, did to the fish (usually tuna) they caught. While this preparation method was probably borne out of necessity for simple subsistence, it’s become something more elaborate in recent times.

Nowadays, we mix those chunks of tuna or salmon with dozens of other fresh and healthy foods. You can look through our menu page to find loads of delicious items such as wasabi, edamame, pineapple, coconut crisps, ginger, seaweed salad, jalapenos, and a myriad of sauces. With ingredients like those, it’s easy to see how Poke is a terrific way to eat healthy.

Poke Bowl in Orlando

Why is Poke so Popular Now?

There are many reasons Hawaiian Poke is such a huge draw these days.

It’s fresh and novel. Many consumer research firms tell us that restaurant patrons want something new, yet still healthy and convenient. While you can find other restaurant themes everywhere (Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, etc.), Hawaiian Poke is a newer frontier. It’s easy to find a friend who’s never tried it, and drag them over for something fun and innovative.

Poke bowls make a great Instagram or Facebook photo. Everyone has had their fill of pizza or burger pictures, so why not show off something unique? Poke bowls are colorful, large, and there are about one million related hashtags you can use (i.e., #PokeBowl).

It’s palatable for several dietary programs. Are you a vegetarian, pescatarian, or Keto enthusiast? Then you’ll be right at home at Island Fin Poke. You don’t even have to be a seafood lover since we serve Poke with chicken, tofu, and spam as well.

You can get Poke quickly without sacrificing quality food preparation. It’s quick and simple to order online and have Poke ready for takeout within 15 minutes. Also, the line moves fast if you decide to stay and dine with us.

We invite you to experience a novel and delicious poke bowl when you visit us at Island Fin Poke in Lake Nona. If you’d like to ask questions first, or learn more about poke bowls, call us anytime at 407-313-2827.