Let Island Fin Poke Cater Your Next Event!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or exploring the far reaches of space, you’ve more than likely heard of the poke bowl. This item by way of Hawaii has single-handedly changed the modern conception of what fast food is. No longer limited to just burgers and pizza, fast food has become fast-casual. The poke bowl, with its wide variety of heart-healthy and fresh ingredients, can be customized to individual tastes, eating healthy has never been more delicious or convenient!

Poke Bowl Catering

While the poke bowl can be built to anyone’s specifications, what if you could indoctrinate your co-workers into the wonderful world of poke, and be the local hero in your office? Well, both can be accomplished thanks to Island Fin Poke’s catering options. That’s right, you’re an office hero with stars in your eyes, and Island Fin Poke is here to provide catering for your next event.

Why Cater?

  • Less Stress Your life is already busy enough as it is. Island Fin Poke can take care of all the party planning so you can focus on more important things.
  • Mix it Up! Excellent food can mean the difference between a great party or a lackluster gathering. Having Island Fin Poke handle the food arrangements will make an event that you won’t soon forget.
  • Variety & Convenience One of the best things about poke bowls is just how much they can be customized to make healthy eating fun. You and your office chums have a life that’s on the go and stress-inducing from time to time. Island Fin Poke will make them realize that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle while not having to slow down.

Catering Options from Island Fin Poke

Depending on the size of your gathering and how much variety you want, Island Fin Poke has a two-tiered system that will make you the most popular person in the office.

  • Poke Mo’ol elo The first of our packages is ideal for smaller gatherings and includes 2 bases, 2 fish, 4 sauces, and 4 toppings.
  • Poke Nui loa If the crowd you hosting wants a little more variety, we recommend this package. 3 bases, 3 fish, 6 toppings, and 4 sauces.

No matter what you choose, Island Fin Poke is here to make the next office event a lot less stressful, not to mention delicious and tasty!

Island Fin Poke Lake Nona

If you live in the Lake Nona area and are looking for the ideal health food that’s loaded with taste, allow Island Fin Poke to be your one-stop-poke bowl shop! For a menu, catering info, and much more, you can visit our website or visit us in person at 7004 Tavistock Lakes Blvd #148 in Orlando.