Let Island Fin Poke Cater Your Holiday and Football Events

This time of year is the perfect combination of the excitement of stress. Excitement for the joy of the holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving, the knowledge that both the World Cup and the Super Bowl are imminent, and that you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with all of your favorite people. As much joy and excitement as this tends to generate, there’s also a considerable amount of stress that accompanies both. Leave the stress to us at Island Fin Poke, and let us cater your holiday and football events!

Poke Bowl Orlando

A Brief Explanation of Poke

What is poke? The poke bowl is the latest and greatest food item to hit the mainland in quite some time. Arriving to us by way of Hawaii, the poke bowl has been a long-time staple of Hawaiian fishermen. Combining rice, raw fish, a variety of soy sauces and vegetables, and toppings, the poke bowl is nutrition on the go that gives our bodies more of what they need and less of what they don’t. Low in calories and big on taste, the poke bowl has shifted the fast-food paradigm into the realm of fast-casual.

Catering Your Upcoming Events

If the holidays and sporting events have one thing in common, it’s the increased consumption of food. The joy of being around our loved ones and our favorite teams competing for championships usually means the need for some tasty snacks and dishes to complete the experience. In the past, this meant greasy foods that were heavily laden with preservatives and fats. Island Fin Poke serves up tasty nutrition that provides necessary benefits. We carry a variety of catering packages that will allow you and your guests to customize an edible experience that you won’t soon forget. Unlike other catering companies, our ingredients are served up fresh and don’t contain the unhealthy preservatives that are typically found in fast food.

Better Eating at Island Fin Poke

Whether it’s a holiday gathering or a grid-iron experience you’re looking to partake in, Island Fin Poke Lake Nona can ensure you have a healthy experience that makes things stress-free and delicious. For a menu and more, visit us online or give us a call at 407-313-2827.