Let Island Fin Poke Cater to Your Game Day Goods

Few events generate more excitement than game day. The patience that you’ve maintained throughout the off-season, regular season, and the playoffs have all come down to this moment. And while every game carries with it a great deal of enthusiasm, the day of the big game is special due to the fact that it happens once a year. And, naturally, such a moment is a cause for a gathering of your favorite people to partake in the athleticism and comradery.

Then, that certain moment occurs to you—hosting the big game day event means feeding the hungry mouths of spectators when they’re not screaming at the television screen. And, well, cooking is not your specialty, and the thought of ingesting unhealthy amounts of fats, salts, and cholesterol isn’t exactly appealing. So, what do you do? Consider calling in the experts from Island Fin Poke for poke bowl catering!

Poke Catering in Orlando

There are two distinct advantages to having your game day catered. First of all, let’s be honest; you probably already have a considerable amount of things to do in preparation for the event in question. Getting your area cleaned up and ready for visitors, ensuring that you have plenty of cold ones on ice, and of course, once the celebration ends, there’s always the lengthy ritual known as “clean up time.” Having someone else handle the food preparations is one less thing to have on your plate. (Pun intended)

A Healthier Choice That Actually Tastes Good

Maybe a personal goal that you get for yourself in 2023 is to start eating healthy and making better choices concerning your diet and physical well-being. Well, the poke bowl is one of the best places to start! The dish that comes by way of Hawaii is packed with protein and nutrients, and thanks to the wide variety of sauces, mix-ins, proteins, and endless combinations from sweet to spicy that your guests will go for it again and again. The poke bowl has far fewer calories than pizza or hamburgers and packs just as much, if not more, taste. Let the poke bowl be your companion to the pigskin this game day.

Go Hawaiian at Island Fin Poke!

Whether you’re looking for a healthy game day alternative or a starting point to kick off a healthier, happier you, Island Fin Poke Lake Nona is the one location that will go the distance for you. For more information on us, our hours of operation, and more, visit us online or stop by and see us at 7004 Tavistock Lakes Blvd #148 in Orlando.