Calling All Pescatarians to Enjoy Delicious Poke!

The pescatarian diet is popular in sea-faring communities like ours here in Orlando. Basically, the pescatarian diet overlaps with vegetarianism, but places a big emphasis on healthy fish consumption.

Guess what? That really does make Hawaiian poke your dream come true dish. We’ll explain why.

Orlando Poke Bowl

Why People Eat Pescatarian

Pescatarians often seek the health benefits of more fish and veggies in their diet. It’s a great way to address problems like high blood pressure while promoting better bone density and overall immune health. Pescatarian diets tend to include more calcium, which enables many health advantages. This is a viable option for people averse to red meat or even diabetic patients.

Poke Bowls Possess The Best Seafood Ingredients

Now, let’s get into our specific seafood items, and why they’re not only healthy but incredibly tasty.

Ahi Tuna
If you want to curb your risk of heart attack, then look no further. This is a fan favorite on our menu, but it’s also a bountiful source of Vitamin B12 (for higher energy) and the heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

There are dozens of scientific studies confirming the link between salmon consumption and improved arterial function. That’s another way of saying it’s extremely heart-healthy. You can cook it in many different ways, and it’s a popular protein source among athletes and strength trainers.

Shrimp are small and low in calories, but they contribute nicely, too. They contain almost two dozen vitamins, including hard ones to get dietarily like Niacin and Iodine. You’ll want to try shrimp with your Poke Bowl if your goal is to enhance brain function.

We regularly meet folks who’ve never eaten octopus. It’s pretty tasty once you give it a try. The nutrient absorption is also off the charts. Octopus is rich in Vitamin B12, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, and more. Its phosphoric elements do a lot to improve cognitive health.

Spicy Tuna
We also make spicy tuna at Island Fin Poke. The nutritional properties are mostly the same, but this satisfies our customers searching for some extra zing.

Those are some of the best seafood sources available, and we carry all of them at Island Fin Poke. Whether you’re a pescatarian or any other specialty dieter, we could all use more fish in your diet. Come see us soon to get your filling!

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