Become a Sauce Boss During National Sauce Month!

You might have some expectations as to what you’re celebrating during the month of March. Sure, there’s St. Patricks Day with its libations and parades, but there’s another event that takes place in march, and it just so happens to last for the entire duration of the month in question. March is National Sauce Month, and at Island Fin Poke, we want to help you become the ultimate sauce boss!

Orlando Poke Bowl

Poke is Better With Sauce

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re well aware of what the poke bowl is. But, in case you need a quick reminder, we have you covered. Coming to the mainland by way of Hawaii, the poke bowl is the ideal alternative for the fast food that you’ve been waiting for. Made from fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor, this seafood and rice combination has everything your body needs and absolutely nothing that it doesn’t. And a major part of its flavor is the various sauces that we offer at Island Fin Poke. Let’s dive right in and explore them more.

Gluten-Free Goodness

The primary sauce that compliments any poke bowl is what we refer to as our marinating sauces. These delicious soy sauces not only come in a variety of different flavors, but they’re all 100% gluten-free!

Looking for a basic flavor to accentuate the ingredients? Our Shoyu sauce is anything but basic, as it’s of the highest quality. For those who like a little bit of sweetness, our Ponzu sauce combines our Shoyu blend with citrus flavor to tickle the taste buds. What’s that? Do you want a poke bowl with a kick? Fear not, Our OG and Island Fin Fire Sauces contain jalapeños and other ingredients to make you run for the nearest fire alarm. The ideal middle ground between sweet and spicy is our Wicked Wahine. Chili garlic paste and lime juice blend seamlessly for the best of both worlds.

Finishing Off in Style

You no longer need Guy Fieri to take you to flavor town. Because we’ve got your passport with our unique finishing sauces. Creamy and convenient, avocado and Jamaican cream are there to soothe the savage beast, while wasabi cream and togarashi will give your tastebuds a kick as they’ve never had before. And now, we offer a vegan option in the form of our Ono Ono sauce, made from chili, cilantro, and fresh scallions.

Become a Sauce Boss at Island Fin Poke

The poke bowl is the healthy alternative for the modern person who’s always on the go, and you can get the full taste and freshest ingredients at Island Fin Poke Lake Nona. For a menu and more, visit our website or come by and see us at 7004 Tavistock Lakes Blvd #148 in Orlando.