Something for Everyone at Island Fin Poké

The family dining experience can sometimes be a difficult one. Not that getting the whole tribe together in one place is hard, but appetites tend to differ significantly. When it comes to children, they tend to be more finicky than most, and suggesting something healthy to them can be met with an adverse reaction. However, there is a solution to this dilemma. It’s called the poké bowl. And at Island Fin Poké, we specialize in serving them up in the most delicious way possible. The newest food craze that comes to us by way of Hawaii combines fresh ingredients and healthy eating with the convenience generally associated with fast food.

Poke Bowl in Downers Grove

Healthy Served up with Sweetness

If you’re unfamiliar with the poké bowl, we’ll simplify the concept. Poké, which means to cut across in Hawaiian, refers to the fish which is sliced up fine and served raw. Placed on top of rice and mixed in with soy sauces, vegetables, and other mix-ins, it’s the most customizable food to hit the market since pizza, only much healthier. By allowing your kids to pick out their own toppings, they’ll feel like they have more freedom to make choices and aren’t being forced to develop healthy eating habits. One taste of soy sauce dripped over tuna and rice, and they’ll be elated.

Catered to Any Diet

In the modern world, there are a variety of diets that many people follow, especially those in the younger generation. For those abstaining from meat and dairy products, the fish protein commonly found in poké can be substituted with tofu. If you’re living a gluten-free life, be it for wellness or because of Celiac disease, we have you covered. Rice, which is the primary base of the poké bowl, is gluten-free, as are the various soy sauces we offer up. If there’s a concern about which ingredients are gluten-free and which ones aren’t, one of our poké artisans can advise you.

Perfect on the Go

For millions of Americans, life on the go is, well, a way of life. In the past, high-fat burgers and fries were one of the only solutions. Now, thanks to the poké bowl, a tasty and nutritious alternative is here to keep you fueled throughout the duration of your busy day!

Island Fin Poké Company

When we say there’s something for everyone at Island Fin Poké, we mean it. Don’t believe us? Visit us online for a complete list of ingredients. You can also visit us by stopping by 76 Ogden Avenue in Downers Grove. You’ll be wanting a delicious poké bowl in no time!