Six Reasons You Should Be Eating More Poké Bowls

Eat more poké! While we’re confident we could sit down and list about 100 reasons you should eat more poké bowls, that would take forever. Therefore, Island Fin Poké decided to narrow it down to a solid six reasons to eat more of this Hawaiian-inspired delight.

Six Reasons You Should be Eating More Poké Bowls

It’s Great for Your Heart

We think you’ll love poké bowls for no other reason than the fact that our ingredients help you love better with a healthier heart. All kidding aside, however, poké ingredients like salmon or sushi are rather rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered extremely helpful in lowering blood pressure and generating better circulation.

You Get Tons of Great Veggies

Do you struggle to include veggies into your diet because you don’t know how to make them enjoyable and satiating? Then let us do it for you! The trick is that we never serve bland or uninspiring veggies. We, instead, love to mix healthy items like cucumbers, onions, and seaweed with any number of awesome sauces and seasonings. So, you never have to endure tasteless vegetables ever again if you eat more poké bowls.

Poke Bowls Downers Grove

It’s Packed With Excellent Protein Options Too

All that salmon, chicken, or tuna that provide the Omega 3’s will also serve as a great protein source. Unless you’re a huge athlete, your daily requirement for protein may not be that high, which means you could get all you need from one savory poké bowl.

Poké is Low in Harmful Fats

Some fats are good (clean, saturated fats), whereas others are dangerous for your health. Island Fin Poké completely eschews the latter. You won’t find any trans fats or bad cholesterol on our menu.

It’s Also Low Calorie

You don’t need to play guessing games when determining your caloric intake when you visit Island Fin Poké. We have full transparency with regards to our ingredients, which you can verify yourself with this handy nutritional calculator.

You Can Have Poké Just About Any Way You Want

By now, you’ve probably gotten the gist of how much variety we offer. Our poké menu is an enormous array of seafood, veggies, fruits, sauces, seasonings, and exotic ingredients. Hey, where else are you going to find Ponzu, Edamame, or Masago?

As we said, there are many more reasons you should become a regular patron of the Downers Grove Island Fin Poké location. We hope you enjoyed these healthy and delicious explanations. If you want to learn more about our food, maybe even take advantage of our catering services, call us any time by phone at (630) 324-6110.