“Sea” Why We’re the Best Seafood at Island Fin Poké!

In 2021, Island Fin Poké Downers Grove was voted best seafood in DuPage County in the Suburban Life newspaper annual reader poll. This is no small feat and speaks to the growing popularity of the poké bowl. For those who might not be aware, the poké bowl is the newest and tastiest sensation that comes to us by way of Hawaii. This island export has changed the way many think about “fast food.” While the term normally accompanies items such as burgers, pizza, and fried chicken, the poké bowl is just as convenient and one of the healthiest meals you can consume.


What is a Poké Bowl?

“Poké” is Hawaiian for “cut across” and refers to one of the poké bowl’s main ingredients, fish. In a poké bowl, fish is served raw, with rice, sauces, marinades, and usually topped off with something of the crunchy variety. The variations used to make the perfect poké bowl are endless and personalizing the item to your liking is one of the many advantages the poké bowl carries over its various fast-food counterparts.

Building the Perfect Poké

While there really is no perfect poké as the ingredients vary upon personal preference, choosing the right combination at Island Fin Poké is much easier than you might think. First and foremost, you start with a base. This is usually rice, but some opt for a spring mix of veggies for added nutrition and health benefits. We have our base, now we add the necessary protein. The protein used in a poké bowl is traditionally fish such as salmon, tuna, or octopus. Substitutions such as spam and chicken are available, as well as tofu for those on a meat-free diet.

Next come the mix-ins. These can include but are certainly not limited to sweet onions, corn, or even jalapeños for those who crave a little kick. The contents of the bowl are marinated in a variety of soy sauces, all of which are gluten-free. If you’re feeling particularly brave, our Island Fin Fire Sauce, which includes habanero peppers and cilantro.

To top off your poké bowl experience, Island Fin Poké has a variety of—you guessed it, toppings! The selection of toppings at your disposal is almost limitless and caters to every taste. If you’re in the mood for fruits and veggies, we offer pineapple, cucumber, or a pickled vegetable assortment. In the mood for some crunch? We have you covered with crispy onions, wonton strips, and tempura crisps. For those who enjoy walking on the wild side, we have wasabi peas and chili flakes.

Health Benefits & Where to Take Your Appetite

With so many health-conscious ingredients, the poké bowl is not only a better alternative to fast food, but studies have proven that two servings of fish a week is beneficial for heart health. The Omega-3’s in most fish are necessary for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

We invite you to visit us at Island Fin Poké Downers Grove for your next poké bowl fix! We are located at 76 Ogden Avenue and are open daily from 11 am to 9 pm. If you have any questions prior to your visit, please give us a call at (630) 324-6110. You can find more information by visiting our website. We look forward to seeing you!