Learn The History of the Delicious Poké Bowl

Most history lessons are boring, and that’s because they don’t involve a fascinating and extremely delicious food item like our poké bowls. Do you know where poké bowls originate? In this post, let’s take a quick tour of the way this delectable Hawaiian cuisine came into existence.

Poké Bowls – A Quick History Lesson

History of Poke Bowl

So where did it all start?

The exact origin is a bit foggy, but poké generally traces back to pre-colonial Hawaii, which would have probably been some time just before 1700. At that time, the subsistence fishermen began taking chunks of freshly caught fish and mixing them with seaweed and sea salt. It basically started from necessity and convenience for struggling seafarers on the indigenous Hawaiian islands.

It hasn’t changed too dramatically from that. However, today’s popular poké bowl hit mainstream restaurants in the 1970s. This way of preparing and enjoying fish has taken the country by storm particularly since 2012. Poké shops and restaurants are sprouting everywhere across the country lately. Now, Island Fin Poké serves it in dozens of locations
scattered across 14 states in America.

Something that began as a humble dish for Hawaiian fishermen now involves a much more complex array of ingredients. While the most popular poké centers around tuna, we also make it with protein sources like chicken and even octopus.

There is no shortage of ways to adorn the seafood centerpiece of a poké bowl. Modern creativity has led to mixing tuna chunks with sides like pineapple, avocado, Ponzu Sauce, pickled jalapeno, coconut, and a lot more.

With nearly limitless possibilities for poké bowl arrangements, we can almost guarantee there is a delicious meal ready for even the pickiest eater. Don’t forget that we run an a la carte system at Island Fin Poké. That means you get to select and assemble your poké bowl exactly as you see fit.

Island Fin Poké Downers Grove is the area’s best place to try this kind of innovative and exotic seafood. We know there seems like a dearth of healthy and fun dining options nowadays. That’s why we strive to deliver on both fronts. Check this out to learn more about the nutritional value of our delectable poké bowls, and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns at (630) 324-6110.