June 17th is National Take Back the Lunch Break Day

Of all the fun and memorable commemorations these days, there are few better than National Take Back the Lunch Break Day! That’s what’s on the way this upcoming June 17th.

It’s so important to make use of the precious commodity known as the lunch break. This is especially true for you hard-working and physically laborious workers in Downers Grove.

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Why Lunch Breaks Are Important

Lunch breaks are essential for a variety of reasons. Missing your lunch break leaves you vulnerable to problems like:

  • Hunger pains
  • Exhaustion
  • No opportunity to relax and unwind
  • Moodiness and grumpiness
  • Poor nutrition and overall lack of energy for those difficult remaining hours of the work day

National Take Back The Lunch Day

Things have changed quite a lot for meal times throughout the centuries. In the early Middle Ages, well before electricity, dinner was actually more of a late morning meal after many hours of tiresome work. Eventually, folks got the idea to push that off until the evening after sundown, which paved the way for mid-day lunch breaks.

Nowadays, there’s much more food, but not all of it’s terribly healthy for you. Which would you rather have: that thrice-microwaved sandwich from your work cafeteria, or a
delicious Hawaiian entree like poké? It’s an easy choice . . . provided you have a lunch break in the first place.

The term lunch dates back to the year 1580. Originally it was either “lunch” or “luncheon,” which was a way of sneaking in a workers’ break meal between the bigger feasts of breakfast and dinner. In 2017, the workplace hygiene company, Tork, did some research and found (not to anybody’s surprise) that a lot of people skip lunch. As a response, they spearheaded an effort to engage people into something called National Take Back the Lunch Break Day. The first one was in 2018.

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Island Fin Poké – We’re Pro Lunch!

We don’t just like lunch breaks because we’re in the business of feeding Americans delicious and healthy Hawaiian food. We recognize the importance of avoiding those problems like irritability, stress, and malnutrition that stem from skipping your lunch break.

Granted, everybody knows that working Americans skip lunch because they feel strapped for time. We understand that completely.

For our part, we want to make that easier by reminding you of our convenient online ordering system that lets you get delicious poké quickly. This gives you the opportunity to have fresh seafood with only a few clicks, and ready within 10/15 minutes. It’s super-efficient and takes away all those excuses for not eating lunch.

Island Fin Poké is open in Downers Grove every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Therefore, we have your back when it comes to break time at almost any point in the day. Call us to learn more about anything on our menu at 630-324-6110.