Have You Discovered Our Proprietary House-Made Sauces?

At Island Fin Poké, we pride ourselves on how customizable our poké bowls are. What other dish offers more possibilities than pizza and offers incredible health benefits and the freshest ingredients? For millions of people, the poké bowl has been the dish they’ve been waiting for. Providing a nutritious dish that tastes good gives their bodies what they need and less of what they don’t. As varied as the ingredients that can be made part of a poké bowl are, the house-made sauces that can be utilized to accentuate flavor are just as much. Today, we’ll be delving into them and getting lost in the sauce!

Avocado Cream Sauce Island Fin Poke

OG Sauce

For many restaurants, OG Sauce is the standard offering for poké bowls. Despite what popular culture might have taught you, the “OG” in OG Sauce does not stand for “original gangster.” At Island Fin Poké, our OG Sauce is made from the finest ingredients and is gluten-free, making it friendly for any appetite.

The OG sauce offered at Island Fin Poké is made from sweet onions, jalapenos, olive & sesame oils, all marinated overnight with our special gluten-free soy sauce. OG sauce pairs well with seafood, the primary protein used in pork, and vegetables, which are among the most popular mix-ins at Island Fin Poké.


For those who like their traditional sauce without a lot of extra ingredients, we offer Shoyu. Shoyu is better known as soy sauce (naturally gluten-free). If you enjoy chicken as your primary poké protein, this pairs well with poultry.


The Island Fin Poké equivalent of sweet & sour sauce, Ponzu, provides that tangy kick to benefit any poké bowl. Our Ponzu is made from soy sauce mixed in with orange and fresh lime and lemon juice. The yin and yang of flavor it’s too good to pass up!

Wicked Wahine

For those who enjoy life on the spicy side, the following two sauces are made with you in mind. Our Wicked Wahine is the ideal compromise between sweet and spice. Combining lime juice, chili garlic paste, and palm sugar, take care of your heat craving and sweet tooth.

Island Fin Fire

Here we go. This is for those who believe in spicy as a way of life. We amp up the heat with habanero and cilantro, throw in some rice vinegar, and then some fresh pineapple. This is for the poké bowl that likes to live dangerously!

Become a Sauce Boss at Island Fin Poké

With so much variety and flavor, there’s no question why the poké bowl is so popular. If you’re interested in being a sauce boss or just want to savor the flavor of our other ingredients, visit us at Island Fin Poké Downers Grove, located at 76 Ogden Ave. Discover our proprietary house-made sauces today!