Everything You Wanted to Know About Mangoes

One of the best items you can add to your next poké bowl is mango, a tasty fruit perfectly fit for Hawaiian cuisine. A few chunks of mango is a nice and clean way to get healthy carbs and mollify your sweet tooth without going overboard with sugar.

In this post, we’ll show you the boundless greatness of mangoes, and why they match well with seafood, veggies, and all our other fresh poké ingredients.

Mango IFP

Mangoes: One of the Best Fruits on the Island Fin Poké Menu

So, at Island Fin Poké, we have more than 20 different toppings, not including our various proteins, mix-ins, sauces, and seasonings. Mangoes show up in two places: either as a separate topping or mixed with pineapple as a delicious salsa.

Many chefs use them to make great stir-fry recipes accompanied with chili sauce and rice. Of course, you can get with poké by mixing them with our hot/mild sauces, white/brown rice, and either tuna, salmon, shrimp, or octopus. The possibilities are endless, so we’ll leave it to you to decide the best ways to put it all together.

Top Reasons to Eat Mangoes

Vitamin C Galore
If you’re accustomed to only getting Vitamin C from oranges, lemons, and bananas, then you’re missing out on this tasty alternative. One cup of mango is enough to satisfy 80% of the daily requirement for women; 66% of it for men.

Decent Fiber Supplement Too
Many of our healthy, leafy veggies are great for fiber, but it’s nice to get the same cleansing action from mangoes. It won’t be enough on its own for your daily volume, but combine it with edamame and avocado, and you’re in good shape.

Helps With Antioxidation
It’s also a useful component in an anti-inflammatory or antioxidant diet. That’s good to hear as so many folks struggle to get enough of this by eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). It’s sad to allow loved ones to succumb to something that awful.

You’ll Digest Better
Along with fiber, mangoes are rich in amylases, enzymes that help expedite your digestion. Be sure to get these ripe and fresh at Island Fin Poké for optimal effects.

Other Nutrients: Vitamin A, Folates, etc.
Vitamin C is the big one for mangoes, but you can also lock down at least 10% of Vitamin A requirements with a small helping. There’s also something called “folates,” which are essential vitamins said to be most beneficial for pregnant mothers and fetal development.

Island Fin Poké Downers Grove is the best place to try Hawaiian poké anywhere around the Greater Chicago community. If you’re ready to load up on mangoes, avocados, or any other veritable superfoods, then come visit us soon! Don’t forget to order online any time, and call us with any questions or concerns at 630-324-6110.