Break the Diet Mindset and Let IFP Help You Reach Your Goals

The diet mindset is one where you focus on a particular way of eating for a short period without developing permanent healthy habits. Many people volley in and out of diets while trying to lose weight or achieve fitness goals.

We prefer to build lasting and sustainable solutions to health and dietary problems rather than shifting between fad diets or weight-loss schemes. Here’s how Island Fin Poké can help you break the diet mindset and finally reach your goals.

Hawaiian Poke Bowl Protein

Avoid the “All-or-Nothing” Approach

Many people become rather rigid about certain foods or categories of foods. They do this by oversimplifying them as either “good” or “bad” foods. While there are some things to avoid, most foods serve some purpose. You wouldn’t want to consume doughnuts every day, but they can be a pleasant treat at the end of the week. By demonizing several kinds of food, which is common with the diet mentality, you risk having too many things off limits, which is a recipe for failure.

Eat Whole Foods

It’s best to cut back on processed and packaged items in favor of whole foods. This is a specialty of ours at Island Fin Poké where you make a poké bowl with nutrition, whole-food ingredients like fish, chicken, avocado, mango, Og veggies, cucumber, ginger, and macadamia nuts. The more you do this, the more you’ll realize how almost every food type has some value, and that there really is something called a “balanced diet.”

Focus on Better Sleep

A healthy approach to nutrition is the greatest component to any weight-loss endeavor. After that, focus on exercise and sleep. Some folks understand “diet and exercise,” but they leave out the rest factor. This is unfortunate because all that cardio and weightlifting is ineffective without allowing your body the time to heal and recuperate. You should focus on getting at least six hours of sleep and sleeping at a consistent time each night.

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you’d like to take your time and enjoy a nice seafood meal, then you should visit Island Fin Poké in Downers Grove, IL. Our menu features all kinds of whole foods that you can enjoy either with us or through takeout. This is a splendid solution to the overzealous diet mentality. Call us to learn more at 630-324-6110.