4 Ways to Make Your Poké Bowl the Healthiest It Can Be

Do you fashion yourself as a health aficionado and always want to make your meals as nutritious as possible?

Excellent! We feel the same way, and our Hawaiian poké menu reflects that important value. That’s why we want to share these four ways to make your poké bowl as healthy as possible.

Making a Poke Bowl

Go After the Fiber-Rich Ingredients for Digestive Health

Fiber is one of the most critical components of gut health. Island Fin Poké serves plenty of it with fresh sources of brown rice, spring mix, and numerous other veggies. You can’t go wrong with avocado and avocado cream, either.

Want Healthy Fats? Try Salmon!

So, you probably know that the centerpiece of Hawaiian poké is the seafood selection. While any seafood item will do the trick, we recommend salmon if you want to maximize your consumption of healthy Omega-3 fats. This is your best way to capture lots of protein for greater energy, and to enjoy one of the cleanest fuel sources. Remember, not all fats are bad, and neither is the healthy cholesterol (HDLs) you get from consuming fish. All of this is another way of saying that salmon is one of the most heart and brain-healthy foods you can eat.

Never Fear Seaweed Salad

Sometimes folks take a while to embrace seaweed salad, but it’s one of the most nutritious ingredients on our menu. It’s also been a hallmark of traditional poké, all the way back to when fishermen invented it centuries ago. If you’re after better thyroid health, then this should be a particular point of emphasis. It’s a terrific source of helpful elements like iodine, tyrosine, and fiber, which are essential for your thyroid.

Many Marinades Have Probiotic Benefits

There are certain marinades, like Ponzu or soy sauce, that are full of probiotic benefits. While the thicker, creamier sauces may bog some folks down a bit, the miso-based marinade options support healthy gut flora and bacteria. We also have several sauces that are gluten-free and palatable for various medical conditions.

The health benefits of eating more poké are by no means limited to these four suggestions. There are a plethora of dietary advantages. Plus, you can count them yourself when you try our online Nutritional Calculator to tabulate calories, sodium, fats, carbs, protein, and more.

So, if you’re in the mood for healthy food that tastes fantastic, then we’d love to cook something nice for you at Island Fin Poké Downers Grove. You can find out more about our menu and services by calling anytime at 630-324-6110.