Island Fin Poke Comes to Carrollwood! Ohana!

As you’ve probably heard by now, the Poke Bowl is single-handedly changing the way the world conceptualizes fast food. Utilizing the quickness and convenience of the fast-food world to offer up healthy options that are just as tasty and good for you! We’re excited to announce that Island Fin Poke, the chain of artisans that are experts in crafting the very best poke bowls is touching down in Carrollwood, Ohana! Ohana, which translates to family in Hawaiian, isn’t just a phrase that we use to welcome new locations, it’s an expression of our tireless dedication to our loyal customers as well. 
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“Poke” is the Newest Synonym with “Healthy”

While the thought of a “poke” usually involves utilizing the index finger to gain the attention of a particular individual, the term means something completely different in Hawaiian. The term “poke” means to cut across and refers to the fish which serves as the traditional ingredient for the staple of the pacific islands. While the poke bowl might seem like a new concept, it actually dates back several generations. Hawaiian fishermen used the delicacy to stay healthy, and the dish began coming popular in the 1970s when self-care became more widely practiced. 

Healthy Has a Home in Carrollwood 

Composed of rice and sauces that are gluten-free and a wide variety of proteins and toppings, the poke bowl is a tasty one-two punch served up with fresh ingredients with fewer calories than the greasy preservative-laden fast-food chains that dominate the landscape. With the fresh fish such as tuna and salmon that are commonly used as proteins, you’ll be getting the omega 3’s your heart needs to sustain itself and the nutrients your body craves to keep fueled up for whatever life decides to throw your way. 

Welcome the Pereria’s! 

This location of Island Fin Poke is owned and operated by Lincoln and Kara Pereria. World travelers who were previously involved in investment banking and law enforcement, they’re self-confessed “foodies” who are ecstatic about bringing healthy eating with a taste that can’t compare to the community they call home. 

The World of Poke Awaits You…

The newest location of Island Fin Poke is brimming with the dedication to fresh and healthy ingredients from the hands of people who are artisans in the fine art of poke. To stay updated, view the menu, and much more, give Kara and Lincoln and their location a visit at