Our Training Will Set You Up for Franchise Success

Franchise training and development are essential ingredients for success as a new owner. Without it, it would be impossible for a franchise company, like Island Fin Poke, to promise an effective business model for new franchisees. After you sign a franchise agreement, the initial training is the bulk of what it means to “master the system” before implementing it in your location.

Of course, once you (the franchise owner) know how to operate a Hawaiian poke restaurant, the next step is to train your team. Let’s review why this is so important for new owners AND their employees.

Poke Toppings

Training for a Franchisee

Our initial training program gives new owners an immersive educational experience with both classroom and on-the-job-training. This is where you learn the nuts and bolts about running a small restaurant, even if you have no prior experience in the industry.

With the help of other IFP owners, you’ll learn how to purchase and manage ingredient inventory, hire and on-board employees, take care of cooking equipment, and much more. Therefore, if there’s any part of owning a franchise restaurant that seems confusing or intimidating, we can help you overcome those roadblocks before getting started. This even includes learning how to keep your new location secure with surveillance technology and other helpful resources.

Training Your Island Fin Poke Employees

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to get others in your community in on the program, and really run a stellar fast casual restaurant. Here are a sample of topics you’ll want to address with your new staff (early and often):

  • How to handle and prepare food to avoid contamination, allergens, and other health problems. Remember, we’re a seafood restaurant, so there’s plenty of specific food-safety measures that everyone must comprehend and follow
  • Employees also need help with the overall art of poke, like becoming a sauce boss, and learning every technique involved with preparing a delicious Poke Bowl.
  • Then there are other ancillary services Island Fin Poke offers. A key component to business success involves event catering and delivery. Obviously, you’ll have to develop your staff for these important tasks.

You can learn much more about everything you need to run a poke restaurant, when you explore franchise opportunities with Island Fin Poke. Whenever you partner with us, you’ll receive all the financial, training, and marketing support necessary to achieve a substantial ROI as fast as possible. You’re welcome to contact us anytime to ask about running your very own franchise poke restaurant.