Now is the Time to Be Part of Functional Food Trends

The food preparation business has undergone numerous changes and alterations over the past several decades in America. A new restaurant phenomenon involves something called “functional food trends.” This refers to food consumption preferences beyond the basics of health and nutrition (i.e., socializing, novelty foods, and sustainable eating).

Here, we’ll describe functional food trends. Then we’ll explain how you can leverage them while running a franchise restaurant with Island Fin Poke.

Functional Food Trends

These are some of the important trends affecting the Island Fin Poke business.

Demand For Unique/Healthy Foods
Nowadays, restaurant patrons don’t want to visit places with generic food items they can get anywhere. It’s not worth leaving home for something that isn’t fun, healthy, and novel. That’s why we promote the unique experience of trying Hawaiian Poke with less common ingredients like Spicy Tuna, Edamame, Shonzu, Octopus, Wasabi, Sushi, and so forth.

Social Eating
Visiting a restaurant is as much a social endeavor as anything else. Some people still eat alone, but it’s common for folks to only visit restaurants with friends, family, or work colleagues. We would, of course, respond to this by making the indoor dining experience comfortable and amenable to large groups. We also like to cater for big events.

Sustainable Eating
Many Americans, especially younger ones, place a heavy value on eating sustainable foods from fresh and humanely prepared resources. This has changed both grocery stores and restaurants alike.

Dietary Analysis of Macros & Other Nutrients
Initially, people only occasionally “counted calories.” This trend has grown to include tracking macros like fats, carbs, and protein. We pay attention to the various dietary lifestyles like Keto, Vegetarianism, Gluten-Free, and so forth. Island Fin Poke even offers something called a Nutrition Calculator to facilitate this trend.

Franchising With An Emphasis On Functional Food Trends
If you have a flair for any of these trends, you might fit in well by owning and operating an Island Fin Poke franchise. All of our Poke restaurants are franchises that focus on providing novel and healthy seafood in an enjoyable atmosphere.

We’ve found this to be the secret sauce, allowing us to grow and expand rapidly in the past few years. Hence, being able to offer this opportunity to new franchisees more and more. Remember, we follow trends like these and continue to prosper, whereas the rest of the franchise restaurant market has suffered following the pandemic.

We invite you to get in touch with us to discover why.

Island Fin Poke operates numerous Hawaiian Poke restaurants in more than a dozen states across the U.S. We outperform most of the dining and leisure competition by attending to functional food trends. If you would like to learn how you can be part of our success as a franchise, contact us at any time.

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