Make 2022 the Year You Try Delicious Poke!

By Island Fin Poke | January 31, 2022

Make 2022 the year you finally try some delicious Poke! You might be wondering what Poke is and why there are now so many restaurants popping up all over the place. Island Fin Poke is happy to explain!

Make a New Franchise Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions!

By Island Fin Poke | January 14, 2022

Make 2022 the year you free yourself of the employer/employee mindset and resolve to become a small-business owner with a great franchise opportunity. You may not know this, but Island Fin Poke is built on a growing and lucrative franchising system. Every shop belongs to a franchisee operating within our business model for serving fresh … Read more

The Many Benefits of Adding Seafood to Your Diet

By Island Fin Poke | December 28, 2021

Island Fin Poke is your source for both Hawaiian culture and tasty seafood, par excellence. These days, it’s so important to maintain a healthy diet, which is why consuming fresh/clean fish is such a game-changer.

The Benefits of Having Your Christmas Party Catered

By Island Fin Poke | December 15, 2021

Christmas is almost here, and Island Fin Poke is at your service for all your catering needs! We operate in such a way as to always emphasize Ohana (Hawaiian, for family), which is a particularly important thing this time of year. Why not cherish the time you have with Ohana, friends, and workmates by throwing … Read more

All the Answers to Your Poke FAQs

By Island Fin Poke | November 30, 2021

We can tell from the demand and popularity of Poke that folks want to know more about our popular Hawaiian cuisine. Since it’s still somewhat new to many Americans, let’s look at some frequently-asked-questions related to Poke.

Joining the Winning Team: Owning an Island Fin Poke Franchise

By Island Fin Poke | November 15, 2021

With public restrictions becoming more lenient on an almost daily basis and life returning to a relative state of normalcy, it’s time to begin a new chapter in your professional career. You’ve spent time making someone else money and taking orders from others—now it’s time to turn the tables in a new game of role … Read more

Ensuring the Success of Your Franchise

By Island Fin Poke | October 28, 2021

5 Reasons Why Franchise Businesses are Great Businesses to Buy

By Island Fin Poke | October 25, 2021

Have you been seriously considering owning your own business? If so, why not consider purchasing a franchise. With a franchise, you can be your own boss and operate your business how you see fit. One of the best franchises you can choose to invest in is an Island Fin Poke franchise.

Island Fin Poke is Ready for Own Business Day

By Island Fin Poke | October 11, 2021

Island Fin Poke wants you to get ready for Own Business Day, which arrives this coming October 12th.

Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Business

By Island Fin Poke | September 27, 2021

Island Fin Poke would like to highlight some interesting things to ponder about starting your own business and how this is the perfect time to do so. As a company that promotes entrepreneurship and franchising, we recognize that it’s a terrific way to achieve the career of your dreams and provide a good service to … Read more