The Importance of Good Customer Service

By Island Fin Poke | September 2, 2022

Nobody would dispute the common sense wisdom that good customer service helps profitability. Do you know why it’s so important? In this piece, we’d like to do a refresher on the reasons good customer service is a win-win for everyone.

Marketing Grand Opening Event Ideas to Boost Your Brand

By Island Fin Poke | August 30, 2022

Great branding and marketing is so important to us at Island Fin Poke. It’s one of the focal points we stress whenever we open a new franchise location. Of course, the grand opening event is a phenomenal opportunity to make a big splash and terrific first impression in your community.

Franchising is One of the Best Paths Toward Retirement

By Island Fin Poke | August 12, 2022

If you want to secure an even better retirement, then now is the time to build and grow a strong franchise business. We’re seeing people do exactly that with several successful Island Fin Poke franchises. This is your chance to not only escape the monotony and lack of opportunity in the employment world but help … Read more

Check Out the Perks of the Service-Based Franchise Industry

By Island Fin Poke | July 28, 2022

The service industry is an excellent place to start a franchise business or enter an agreement with an experienced company like Island Fin Poke. You might already know that about 70% of restaurants operate as franchise systems, but do you know why it works so well? We’ll explain the benefits of franchising in the food … Read more

Now is the Time to Be Part of Functional Food Trends

By Island Fin Poke | July 15, 2022

The food preparation business has undergone numerous changes and alterations over the past several decades in America. A new restaurant phenomenon involves something called “functional food trends.” This refers to food consumption preferences beyond the basics of health and nutrition (i.e., socializing, novelty foods, and sustainable eating).

You Should Know These Before Purchasing a Franchise

By Island Fin Poke | June 28, 2022

You don’t want to make a major decision, like purchasing a franchise, without careful deliberation. From the franchisee’s vantage point, it’s a big lifestyle and professional commitment that involves serious financial investment. Let’s take a closer look at that from the perspective of someone who might want to own a franchise restaurant business.

Let Franchising Be the Business Opportunity That Leads to Success

By Island Fin Poke | June 8, 2022

What would you say to an opportunity to jump right into a “ready-made” business? One of the toughest things about being an entrepreneur is the ingenuity aspect. Not every hard-working business pro has the capability to create something from scratch.

Investing in a Healthy Food Franchise

By Island Fin Poke | May 31, 2022

Are you a budding entrepreneur still searching for the right business idea? Have you thought about entering into a franchise agreement with a healthy food business? Given the increased demand, healthy restaurants are becoming a really smart business move.

Franchise Growth is Expected to Expand by 2.2% in 2022

By Island Fin Poke | May 13, 2022

We now have even more reason to believe that owning and operating a franchise business will continue to be the wave of the future. Industry experts are forecasting at least a 2.2% growth in franchising this year. Given this sunny outlook, it’s not hard to see why Island Fin Poke continues to utilize a franchising … Read more

Leadership Qualities That Will Benefit You as a Franchisee

By Island Fin Poke | April 26, 2022

You’ve probably heard business professionals speak of “soft skills” at some point. These are the intangible abilities that you can’t easily teach academically. Instead, you usually have to practice and harness them over time.