Build the Best Poke Bowls in St. Petersburg

Healthy choices and fast food have always existed at opposite ends of the spectrum. For millions of Americans, the prospect of eating healthy is thought of as a great deal of hard work. Meal prep, fresh ingredients from the farmers market, carefully measuring the items on nutrition labels, and so on. Meanwhile, fast food has a broad appeal for its convenience and taste, but its healthy attributes are mostly non-existent. 
st. petersburg poke restaurant
The poke bowl has single-handedly changed the game and thrown those old conceptions out the window. The hottest import to hit the mainland by way of Hawaii, the poke bowl combines the convenience and taste of fast food with the fresh ingredients that contain the nutrients our bodies need to function. 

Now, healthy food is just as convenient and tasty as anything else out there. And the best place in town to take advantage of its greatness is at Island Fin Poke. 

Building the Best Poke Bowl Possible 

With such a wide variety of options available, building the perfect poke bowl is a process that’s subjective according to taste, and you’ll find that they’re the most customizable food item to come along since pizza. (And a lot less greasy and fattening.) 

First, the poke bowl begins with a base. This usually consists of rice or seaweed. It’s a fresh foundation; and one that’s gluten-free. Next, come the fresh and savory proteins. While the traditional option for poke offerings are fish such as tuna or salmon, they can be replaced with octopus, chicken, spam, and for those who abstain from meat, organic tofu. We’ve now completed our first major steps towards our very own poke bowl paradise. 

Accompanying the base and protein are what we call the “mix-ins.” All of which are fresh, and along with the base and protein provide an abundance of antioxidants that are needed for a healthy life. Go crazy—edamame, corn, jalapenos, sweet onions, and our “OG” veggie mix are all too good to not mention. Next, is the flavor that will attract anyone and appeal to all sensibilities. All 5 of our soy sauces are gluten free and will take the flavor of our poke bowls to new heights that you’ve never experienced before. 

And now, we’ve arrived at the favorite part of many; the toppings. It’s time to indulge! For those of you who love a spicy kick, we recommend chili flakes and wasabi peas. For the veggie lover in all of us, we might suggest a healthy combination of pineapple and mango. The best thing about the poke bowl is that they can be tailor made to your exact specifications. Let your imagination run wild and get ready to say goodbye to the burgers and fries. 

Living High on the Flavor Train at Island Fin Poke 

If you’ve ever been curious about the poke bowl and want to try out the wonderful combination of fresh taste, customizable convenience, and healthy options, Island Fin Poke are the only Poke artisans you’ll ever need. Visit us at for a full menu, hours of operation, and more tasty tidbits of information such as this one.