Become a Island Fin Sauce Boss

Hawaiian-inspired poke has become more and more popular these days and there is certainly a good reason for it. The really awesome part of creating poke is the vast amount of possibilities you have in order to construct your edible masterpiece. Not only are there tons of fresh ingredients to choose from to completely customize your bowl, but the wonderful abundance of both marinating and finishing sauces adds even more color and flavor to the glory of it all. And have we got the ultimate in sauces for you at Island Fin Poke
og sauce st. petersburg
Marinating Sauces

Shoyu: This is our quality gluten-free soy sauce.

Ponzu: We combine 50% of our superior gluten-free soy sauce with 50% of a blend of fresh orange, fresh lemon, and fresh lime juice that provides the perfect balance of flavors.

OG Sauce: OG sauce is created by marinating sweet onions and fresh jalapeños together overnight, along with a mixture of our premium gluten-free soy sauce, olive oil, sesame oil, and rice vinegar.

Island Fin Fire: A tantalizing blend of fresh pineapple, habanero peppers, cilantro, wildflower honey, and rice vinegar are blended with our superb gluten-free soy sauce for this tasty dressing.

Wicked Wahine: Palm sugar (coconut), fresh lime juice, Sambal Oelek Chili garlic paste, and our quality gluten-free soy sauce is quite a delightful combination. Your taste buds will experience a dancing duo of both sweet and heat.

Finishing Sauces

Avocado Cream:  Fresh avocado, Mexican crema, and lime juice are the magic ingredients for this simple but scrumptious tropical condiment.

Wasabi Cream: Fresh wasabi blended with Mexican crema and a touch of togarashi spice make this sauce a great selection to turn up the heat in your poke bowl.

Togarashi: This creamy sauce consists of our exceptional mayonnaise, chili paste, sesame oil, wildflower honey, and togarashi spices.

Jamaican Cream: Premium WalkersWood Jerk Paste and select mayonnaise are combined together to form this uncomplicated yet flavorful sauce.

Ono Ono: This is our new sauce that features *Vegan* Franks Sweet Thai Chili, fresh cilantro, fresh scallions, chili paste, and ginger paste. Its amazing flavor makes this sauce a marvelous choice.

We invite you to visit us at Island Fin Poke and become an Island Fin sauce boss! Have fun building your personalized Hawaiian-style poke bowl and then enjoy every bite of your unique dish. Island Fin Poke is located at 210 37th Avenue North in St. Petersburg, FL and we may be reached by calling (727) 565-0348. We are proud that our customers can order a wide variety of tasty, nutritious cuisine at our establishment. Excellence in client satisfaction is our first priority.