Guide: Build the Perfect Poke Bowl

You don’t have to travel far from home to get a taste of Hawaii! Island Fin Poke is thrilled to bring customers delicious cuisine that is created according to individual preferences. Building the perfect poke bowl is right at your fingertips when you visit Island Fin Poke.
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Begin with a Base: The foundation that you select for your poke bowl is the first step in building and also balancing your dish. You may choose from starches like white or brown rice. If you are looking for something other than rice, you may prefer to have spring mix serve as your base. A dash of sesame seeds along with a drizzle of soy sauce or sesame oil enriches the foundation.

Power-Up the Protein: Tuna, salmon, and shrimp are fantastic forms of protein for any poke bowl. Fresh, fatty fish that is cut against the grain into lengthy, slim slices or cut into cubes are the most ideal. By soaking fish in a marinade, it is given bursts of flavors that enhance the taste of the fish itself. The soy sauce can be gifted with a boost in deliciousness by adding ingredients such as tuna and sesame. After the marinated fish is placed into a bowl, the leftover sauce gets mixed in as well. If you are not a fan of seafood, chicken is a popular option. Should you desire a plant-based meal, marinated tofu makes a wonderful alternative. 

Accessorize to the Max: Garnish your poke bowl to your heart’s desire. By adding a slew of colors, flavors, and textures to your bowl, you will certainly provide your taste buds with an out-of-this-world edible sensation. Pickled veggies, edamame, crispy onions, jalapeños, chili flakes, and ginger are some of the many foods readily obtainable upon your request.

Sculpt a Masterpiece: Create your poke bowl as if it were a personal and unique work of art. After the base is pressed flat at the bottom, deliberately place all of your chosen garnishes exactly where you want them to be as they complement and contrast against each other. Consider the different kinds of shapes and add extra garnish to close visible gaps within the foundation. Feel free to top off your culinary jewel with an additional splash of marinade.

Island Fin Poke is a premier establishment that provides patrons with Hawaiian-inspired poke. Only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are utilized in all of our dishes. Kindly stop by at your earliest convenience in order to create your customized poke bowl. We are located at 15500 Panama City Beach Parkway in Panama City Beach, Florida, and can be reached by calling 850-919-5656. We look forward to serving you in the near future.