Answers to Common Questions about Poke

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the poke bowl by now. This tasty food item that’s come to the mainland by way of Hawaii has single-handedly shifted the paradigm regarding the way Americans see fast food. And, like anything else that rises in popularity, there are bound to be some questions regarding the poke bowl. Therefore, we’re taking a few moments to answer some of the frequently asked questions from our customers. 
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What does “poke” mean? 

Contrary to the action of utilizing your index finger in an identifying motion, this poke is slightly different. Poke (pronounced Poe-Kay) is a Hawaiian term meaning “to cut across” and refers to the main protein of the dish, which is typically fish such as salmon or tuna. Served alongside the proteins are rice, sauces, and various mix-ins that can take the form of onions, chili flakes, and a variety of vegetables, which your body needs. 

Is the poke bowl a healthy alternative to fast food? 

Yes! Poke bowls are made from fresh ingredients and have far fewer calories than your typical fast-food offerings. Moreover, the poke bowl can be prepared in less time than it takes for a cheeseburger to be grilled and is more customizable than a pizza. 

I have a gluten-free diet; can I still eat poke? 

Once again, the answer is a resounding yes. At Island Fin Poke, in particular, all of our soy sauces are gluten-free, and we have bases such as brown rice and a spring vegetable mix for people who are looking to explore healthier options. 

Are poke bowls available in vegan and vegetarian-friendly options? 

While the main protein of the poke bowl is usually fish, at Island Fin Poke, we can gladly make the necessary substitutions to cater to your diet of choice. We’ll gladly serve up some tofu as a replacement protein. 

What are some of the health benefits of poke bowls? 

Because one of the main ingredients in a traditional poke bowl is fish, you’re serving your body great by consuming some servings. Fish have high concentrations of protein and fatty acids such as Omega-3s that are very beneficial for supporting heart health. 

Healthy Living at Island Fin Poke 

At Island Fin Poke, you’ll find a variety of fresh ingredients that have all of the essential nutrients your body needs and a lot less of what it doesn’t. For a menu and hours of operation, visit us today at