How Did Poke Bowls Become So Popular?

Poke bowls are common now, but they weren’t as easy to find back in the day. Poke bowls have grown in popularity because of their delicious taste and favorable health benefits. To learn how poke bowls become so popular, continue on:

Poke bowls are from Hawaii. The dish includes pieces of raw fish, flavorful toppings, and healthy vegetables. The traditional poke bowl is made with fish (usually tuna), salt, seaweed, and candlenuts. The word “poke” means to cut or slice crosswise into pieces. Poke bowls get their name from the act of cutting the raw fish with the “poke” technique.

Customers Eating Poke Bowls North Las Vegas

Poke bowls as we know them today grew in popularity starting in the 1970s. The dish made its way from Hawaii home kitchens to supermarkets. Eventually, restaurants across the United States began crafting up their own take on the traditional poke bowl. Now, you can order a poke bowl at a local restaurant.

The popularity of poke bowls has a lot to do with the health benefits the dish has to offer. If you need to grab a quick bite to eat, a poke bowl is a more healthy alternative to fried fast food. The dish is quickly assembled and packed with favorable health benefits, including omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals.

Another reason poke bowls are so popular is because they are customizable. Aside from the rice base, it’s up to you what goes on your poke bowl. Typically salmon, tuna, and shrimp are available as options. Then, you can add edamame, seafood, avocado, and more vegetables. To finish the dish off, add some wasabi, onion crisps, or your favorite sauce.

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