Why are Poke Bowls Trending?

Poke bowls have been sweeping the nation ever since the food trend started. This Hawaiian-inspired dish has become a staple in all sorts of restaurants – from fast-food chains to sushi restaurants. Instead of a traditional rice bowl, poke bowls contain a variety of fish and other seafood mixed with rice and other toppings, similar to sushi.

When visiting the Hawaiian islands, it is only natural that tourists would like to experience traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Few menu items are more authentically Hawaiian than poke bowls. This popular dish has now made its way to restaurants all around the United States, from fast-food restaurants to higher-end steakhouses.

Poke Bowl Orlando

Here is what you should know about this delicious fish dish:

So What is a Poke Bowl?

Poke bowls are a traditional Hawaiian dish that has now made its way to restaurants all around the United States. Poke is traditionally served as pieces of raw fish and vegetables. In variations, this dish can include other ingredients such as tofu or avocado.

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian word that means “chunk.” This is in reference to the way the dish is prepared.

Making a Poke Bowl

So How are Poke Bowls Made?

Aloha style means the spirit of Hawaii. Hawaiian food is a favorite of many, but not everyone knows what it is. Hawaiian food is not synonymous with a bowl of rice. It is a fusion of various Asian and Hawaiian styles of food. The food of Hawaii is a luxurious and sumptuous meal that is very nutritious and satisfying. Served in a bowl with various toppings, think of it as Japanese-style ramen, and you are halfway there.

Poke bowls are made by taking sliced chunks of raw fish and an assortment of other ingredients, such as vegetables, seaweed, or rice. They are a typical dish in Hawaii and are usually found at many restaurants around the beautiful state. The name “poke” comes from the way this dish is prepared – which involves cutting it into large pieces to expose more surface area on the outside of the meat. This allows it to marinate with sauce before serving for maximum flavor.

The Origin of Poke Bowls

The traditional Hawaiian poke consists of fish that has been stripped of everything inside and spiced. Historians believe that the poke bowl was first made by local Polynesians, who made it with raw fish, prepared with ocean salt and kelp, and finished off with squashed candlenut. This occurred for hundreds of years before Western explorers showed up on the islands from Hawaii and ultimately to New Zealand.

Where to Find a Poke Bowl?

Most visitors looking for a poke bowl will be directed to the nearest major metropolitan area. That means that if you are visiting Oahu, you will want to head over to Waikiki. If you are on Maui, try Lahaina or Kihei. On Kauai, Hanalei is the place of choice. In each location, there are restaurants and small food trucks serving up poke bowls in various flavors, including spicy tuna or anything else you can think of.

What if I Do Not Live in or Visit Hawaii?

This dish is a perfect option for someone who wants to try some local flavor while visiting the Hawaiian islands. If you can not make it to Hawaii, you can try Poke Bowls right here in Central Florida. Island Fin Poke brings you fresh, original poke bowls that are presented in a special Hawaiian style. Here, our motto is, “From farm-to-fork,” which means that only the freshest fish and organic ingredients are allowed to enter.

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