What Makes Rice a Healthy Food?

Some folks are too quick to dismiss rice without fully researching its many health benefits. While it may not fit into low-carb diets or other specific eating programs, rice has its place, provided that you prepare it appropriately. We specialize in doing exactly that with every ingredient at Island Fin Poke in Lake Nona.

Delicious Rice in Poke Bowl Orlando

Health Benefits from Eating Rice

Great Energy Source for Workouts & Daily Activities

Workout enthusiasts love to use rice as a carbohydrate energy source. We offer brown rice and white rice, with the latter being very popular among athletes and weightlifters for clean carbs. Most of the objections to rice as unhealthy pertain to what you put on it. Too much sodium from excessive soy sauce can turn a healthy dish into a culprit for many conditions.

Can Help Burn Fat

Rice also boosts your metabolism because of its many simple nutrients and vitamins. It’s also low on bad cholesterol (LDLs) and doesn’t contain unhealthy fats.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

The inverse relationship between rice and cancer is because of its natural fiber. This is the same reason it also mitigates the risk of diabetes and several other common conditions.

A Heart Healthy Food

Clean rice sources can help you lose fat and water weight, which reduces the strain on your heart. Healthy eating helps to lower your blood pressure and address inflammation all throughout your body.

Boost Nervous System Functioning

Since rice also has Vitamin B, the energy vitamin, it has a secondary benefit of improving your nervous system. On a similar note, the selenium and magnesium in rice also help improve your mood and calm nerves.

The best thing about our Hawaiian poke food is that it’s a great composite of healthy items. Mix your brown/white rice with tuna, salmon, Og Veggies, pineapple, avocado, macadamia nuts, and an entire array of beneficial food choices when you come to Island Fin Poke. Our menu works great for people with many dietary systems.

We hope this gives you a new take on the virtues of rice consumption. You can get plenty of it as one of our base ingredients in our poke bowls at Island Fin Poke. If you’re still not a rice fan, that’s perfectly fine, too, because we have terrific alternatives like spring mix to go along with several seasonings and sauces. Call us any time to learn all about poke in Lake Nona at 407-313-2827.