The Benefits of Eating Shrimp

At Island Fin Poke, we’re always happy to serve up a poke bowl with these delightful little crustaceans, and we’re even happier to talk to you about the health benefits that eating shrimp has to offer you.

Man Eating Poke Bowl

Excellent for Weight Management

Like many other forms of seafood, shrimp have a high dentistry of protein but very little in the way of calories and fat. This makes the dish very effective in filling you up with what your body needs with much less of what it doesn’t.

Boosting Your Brain

Have you ever wondered why some people refer to fish and other forms of seafood as “brain food?” Well, there’s a very good reason for that, because they are! Shrimp have high concentrations of B vitamins, which stimulate the mind and are essential for maintaining cognitive function as we age.

Owner of a Healthy heart

Maintaining the cardiovascular system is a fundamental building block of leading a healthy life. Shrimp contains fatty acids known as Omega-3s that regulate heart health, reduce inflammation, and help manage cholesterol. As a matter of fact, the AHA (American Heart Association) recommends that all adults get two to three servings of fish per week to maintain heart health.

Cancer Prevention

In recent medical studies, it’s been proven that many strains of seafood have been effective in battling various forms of cancer. Shrimp has many antioxidants that have proven effective not only in promoting heart health but also may provide a key to battling different carcinogens.

Skin Health

If you spend a fair amount of time out in the sun, then it may take more than just sunscreen to protect you from the harmful UV rays. Fear not, for a diet rich in seafood can be very beneficial for your skin’s health. It helps maintain elasticity and can help prevent damage from being out in the sun too long.

Better Living at Island Fin Poke

At Island Fin Poke Lake Nona, we take health and nutrition seriously. This is why our poke bowls are made from fresh ingredients and ideal for those of us who live on-the-go lifestyles. You can find us located at 7004 Tavistock Lakes Blvd, #148, in Orlando. We’ll see you soon!