Consider Owning Your Own Island Fin Poke Franchise

Island Fin Poke enthusiastically extends the offer to you to consider opening your own Island Fin Poke Franchise! Honestly, there’s never been a better time to do so, even as so many American restaurants struggle to make it in today’s economy. We’re thriving and we want you to join our success.

IFP Poke Bowl

Why Island Fin Poke?

There is a lot to say about franchise businesses like ours, but let’s first discuss why Island Fin Poke is particularly lucrative. For one thing, we provide the advantage of a franchise startup that does not require a ton of up-front investment into a large facility. Our goal is for you to facilitate a Hawaiian Poke restaurant in a smaller kitchen that’s not overly elaborate and difficult to manage. One of the keys to success with us is to reduce complexity.

Also, we don’t leave you hanging without proper training and mentorship. Running a business is difficult, which is why we think you would benefit from applying our proven model that we’ve done in over a dozen states. Training with us consists of 17 hours of classroom training, 23 hours of on-the-job training, and several days of additional support once you launch your restaurant location. We do everything at as low of a cost as possible. While some food franchises require you to have a net worth of $1.5 million our total investment startup ranges from $194,950 – $355,600.

Why Franchise?

There are many other reasons why now is an excellent time to start a Poke franchise:

  • Rather than go alone as a sole proprietor, franchising gives you the chance to take advantage of a large network, framework, and maybe even a business family.
  • The market demand for healthy, organic, gluten-free food is enormous. Poke fulfills this well.
  • The average net profit is 20-25%.
  • The average number of customers is around 150 and the average sale per customer is about $15.

You can begin to see that this is a fast-growing foodservice market in America. What else can explain the surge in popularity of Poke restaurants?

If we’ve piqued your curiosity about Island Fin Poke franchising, do yourself a favor and spend some time on the rest of our website familiarizing yourself with everything we do at the Lake Nona location as well as several others throughout the country. To find out more about Island Fin Poke franchise opportunities, call (702) 755-1258 or visit us online to fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form.