5 Reasons You Should Try a Poke Bowl!

You’ve more than likely heard of the poke bowl by now. In terms of a popular and tasty trend, the poke bowl has taken the world by storm. The concept of fast food has been forever changed by this popular staple of Hawaii, which combines the convenience that we associate with burgers and fries, yet has healthy attributes that surpass all its competitors. While finding a reason to dig in isn’t hard by any means, we’ve gathered a few that can be used on any day for any occasion.

Try a Poke Bowl Today

They’re Delicious

The easiest reason is usually the most logical. Poke bowls taste AMAZING. Healthy food is often associated with bland, flavorless, gruel whose terrible tase far outweighs the benefits one might receive. Not so much with the poke bowl, which has all the benefits of health food while dripping with gluten-free soy sauce…so indulge.


An attribute that makes America so special is the amalgamation of different people sharing their customs, beliefs, and traditions and having them become part of the incredible and ever-expanding pop culture lexicon. Coming to us by way of Hawaii, the poke bowl has evolved from a fisherman’s staple to a phenomenon that makes us appreciate what people from all walks of life have to offer.


Eating healthy is one of the hardest and most necessary activities we must do. Every year, millions make new year’s resolutions to take better care of themselves and keep track of the calories they intake. Many have tried, but many also give up too easily. Poke bowls are dripping with goodness that tastes great, and fish is one of the best ways to ingest protein. The American heart association recommends two to three servings of fish per week, as many of the fatty acids that are needed for a healthy heart are found in tuna, salmon, and


For years, convenient food on the go hasn’t exactly been the most health-conscious on the market. It’s time to say “goodbye” to the burgers and fries and hello to heart-healthy and gluten-free goodness. Your healthy habits just got a lot easier to practice. The poke bowl has single-handedly changed the game of fast-food, and introduced fast-casual.

Never A Bad Reason to Enjoy Island Fin Poke

We certainly hope that the reasons that we’ve listed have gotten you in the mood for a poke bowl. And when you want one crafted to your liking by experts, there’s only one place to go, Island Fin Poke! Our Lake Nona location is ready to serve you, so come on down for a healthy dose of poke today. Hula on over to our restaurant, located at 7004 Tavistock Lakes Blvd #148 in Orlando.